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ABK’s Top 4 Winter Skincare Saviours from Kosmea


Been cranking up the heater full noise? Drinking copious amounts of tea? Peeking out at the world over your snuggly scarf and counting down the hours until blankie fort couch times?

Winter has most definitely arrived.

And while parts of this season are delightful (hot choc by the bucketload, fresh new boots, fetal position in front of the fire, big cosy coats in the outdoors), there are parts that also suck. And I mean that quite literally. Winter SUCKS all of that beautiful dewiness right on up out of your skin.

kosmeaIt can be mega hard to maintain a glow through the winter months and to stave off the parched Sahara-skin feels, but not with these four gems from Kosmea. Adding these to your skincare game now will help keep at bay the inevitable cracklies this brisk season brings!

kosmea rosehip oilFirst up and the absolute must-have of the bunch – Kosmea’s famous Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. I have raved about Rosehip Oil in the past and this one is hands down my favourite. Every evening after cleansing, just pop a few drops into your palm, rub your hands together to warm, then gently pat and press it into the face/neck/decolletage. Miracles my friends, miracles.

kosmea rosehip oilLike a multi-vitamin for your skin, it is jam-packed with antioxidants and fatty acids that will revamp your complexion in no time. This secret weapon helps fade scarring and acne, correct sun damage, soothe dry and sensitive skin and is a wrinkle-erasing dynamo.

I won’t be all dramatic and say those deep set ditches will magically fade, but you can bid farewell to those baby ones setting up camp in your complexion!

kosmea hydrating rosewater spray

Secondly, introduce a facial mist into your winter skincare regime. I absolutely adore their Hydrating Rosewater Mist and use it on the reg. Perfect after brisk winter walks to refresh a tight wind-beaten face; to set makeup; as a toner before you moisturise; or just anytime through the day or night when you need a pick-me-up.

Made from delicately distilled rose petals to brighten, tone and enliven your skin, the scent totally reminds me of my mama. It’s like being slapped in the face with a bouquet of roses – not saying she greets me by doing this – she’s just a gardening wizard so it always makes me think of her!

This full size is great for home, but they also sell a handy 25ml size so you can pop it into your purse for an on-the-go soothing sensation!

kosmea apple of my eye cream

Third up, we have something most people consider “an extra”. But I’m more extra extra read all about DIS. Kosmea’s Apple Of My Eye Cream contains the ultra spesh PhytoCellTec™, which is derived from the stem cells of the rare Swiss apple and has been shown to combat the signs of chronological ageing. Basically, it replenishes tired peepers in a flash!

It dries down quickly so can certainly be used morning under makeup, as well as at night. With White Tea Extract, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, it def brightens the eye area with continued use. It has a fancy pump applicator wand, however, I just dot some onto my ring fingers to gently pat in.

kosmea five minute facial muslin cloth

And the fourth gem you need to consider adding to your winter skincare game is this: the Five Minute Facial Muslin Cloth. Made of 100% Cotton – yes like just facecloths you may find in good old Target – this muslin cloth, however, is MUCH more suitable for those sensitive skin types. Super lightweight, a muslin cloth also allows the skin to breathe while cleansing.

Removing a nourishing balm or cream cleanser with a face cloth/muslin helps to stimulate blood flow, and to exfoliate and slough off dead skin – revealing your super glowy complexion beneath! I ALWAYS use a cloth for night cleansing and don’t think I could ever without one, just would not feel clean and complete.

If you don’t currently have a winter skincare regime in place, Kosmea has you covered.

Here is their simple morning and evening routine that you can follow:


I could NOT talk about winter skincare with Kosmea and fail to include this last item.

It was 100% MADE for these days in the harsh elements – and alleviates super dry skin like nothing else.

kosmea skin clinic rescue body cream

Kosmea’s Skin Clinic Rescue Body Cream, oh how I love thee. Containing their famous Rosehip Oil and gloriously calming Shea Butter, it heals angry skin in a flash. As I type this, I have it on my hands and shins which both are mad, cranky and cracked. Living with the golden trifecta of a man child, a young child AND no dishwasher, my sensitive claws get mega sore from the relentless dish cleaning. I’m talking cracked knuckles and sandpaper style sound effects up in here.

And I won’t even start on my legs. Forever dry but at the moment, also insanely itchy from too much perching near the heater. Enter stage left: the Rescue Body Cream…and I regenerate like goddamn Wolverine. It has long been one of my ride or die body products and I am never without a tube of this!


Apart from their Rescue Balm and Kiss from a Rose Lip Balm which contain beeswax, the 5 products above and the rest of the Kosmea line is completely vegan-friendly with zero animal ingredients. No testing, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or colours, petrochemicals or SLS across the range as well.

Pair these massive positives with the fact they are reasonably priced, high-quality, their packaging is all recyclable AND that they are Aussie, well you just can’t get better than that!

Head to Kosmea.com.au for more info and to scope out their entire range.


*These products were kindly gifted for consideration by the lovely crew at Kosmea. As ABK is strictly cruelty-free and vegan only, we are incredibly selective on what we feature. Any products featured must be super stellar PLUS made by ethical legends. They not only have to impress us but you, our devoted reader also.


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