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Welcome Back…to A Better Kind.

a better kind

FINALLY, the day has arrived. A Better Kind is now LIVE!

(RIP Muskstick Mao, you’ll be missed.)

Around 4-5 months ago, I had shut this site down and prepped it for demolition. I wanted a complete rebuild.

I was starting to become unhappy with certain aspects of the beauty blogging world I’d planted myself into.

My roots were starting to twist themselves firmly into the soil – but with the beauty industry bringing us something new every minute, it just starting feeling like a bad song on repeat. To the point where I ended up strolling right past the makeup aisle rolling my eyes at the hot “new” obvious rehashes and same old marketing.

I wanted to be replanted and revitalised – I wanted to serve more of a purpose than just a cookie cutter online beauty bestie. I wanted to stir up change in people and make them feel and do better.


For the past few years, I was Muskstick Mao – just another beauty + lifestyle blogger, plodding along with the newest releases, aiming to bring you cool news re the brightest and best.

But in all honesty, I was starting to feel a little “pimped out” by these big corps trying to just pull more and more bucks from the poor consumers. And I was even more concerned about said poor consumers for not wanting to take the power back. For not showing much concern or connect when it comes to where their products are made, what they are made from, and what happens in the whole process from factory to face.

Unlike Muskstick Mao, A Better Kind gives a damn and wants the world to know it.

A Better Kind is now a cruelty-free beauty blog – and will only feature from this day on, brands that care, that make efforts to end an unnecessary and cruel practice within the beauty industry. Now, I may cop flak for this, but guess who *isn’t a vegan, nor a vegetarian? THIS mug.


In today’s age, there is no middle anymore, no medium, just small or large. You either have to be either all in or all out, but never in-between.

You can’t dare be out there showing your flaws, admitting mistakes and don’t DARE document your journey on the way to something better. Just give us the ending, just choose one.

Just be perfectly perfect or perfectly imperfect. And I say fuck perfection – I’m championing for just moving forward. I just want mankind to start to become BETTER, even if just slightly. It doesn’t matter how much or little – just to make even one small change in our daily routines for the BETTER.

If I can make 50 people start to care about what’s in their beauty cabinet, well that sure beats continuing to help 50,000 travel on the same old road of unconscientious spending. Regardless of whether they are or aren’t vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or otherwise, this is what I consider one full turn of the wheel.

Can you imagine if everyone suddenly switched their makeup kits to 100% cruelty-free? Those big boys of the cosmetics industry would be silenced. They would have no choice but to adapt under pressure. You the general consumer can make a HUGE impact, and very simply too – through your wallet.


We all hold tremendous power and can make permanent change in the world. And heck, that one revolution of the better wheel could cause people to then question what is in their pantry, their fridge, their cleaning cupboard, and on it goes. There is so much that human kind can do better, and whether you make all the changes dramatically at once or just slowly crawl there, at least you are trying.

It is up to you to shrug, you have complete freedom to turn away, and to make excuses such as “but I’m a meat eater so meh if it’s cruelty-free or not!” and “noooo but Such and Such is my FAVE brand ever!” or “but they make my holy grail foundation!”. Guess what? These excuses were mine too, for about 17 long years.

I just made the decision early this year to mute them, I’d simply had enough. So it was farewell Muskstick Mao, and hello to A Better Kind.

I want to help you make better choices, in what you buy, in what you eat and in what you do.


To get you started, maybe have a little cheeky browse and buy from these two sites below – both are Australian and are my current favourite go-to’s for beauty, body and home.




Oh and to kick off in the tune of all things perfectly imperfect, you’ll notice the old Muskstick Mao content still on site. Some of those articles feature brands that are not cruelty-free.

As soon as there is enough rad new ABK content to push them backwards, I will delete them over time. I mainly have just left them there in case old Muskstick Mao readers wanted one final stroll down memory lane before bidding a fond adios.


Beyond thrilled to be back on the interwebs and can’t wait to get the posts rollin’.


* Two months on from this post, I decided to step into a vegetarian lifestyle, with the end goal to go vegan by 2016.  All it took was the “one turn of the wheel” mentioned above – the long-overdue change to cruelty-free beauty – to cause a lasting and positive shift in me.

**As of January 2016, I moved from vegetarian to veganism and haven’t looked back. I remember writing the above postscript and thinking there would be NO WAY…but here we are! Was actually pretty easy peasy. Stick around A Better Kind regularly to keep up-to-date with my journey to leaving a friendlier footprint, and who knows, you might start making better little steps too!




  1. Alanah
    August 3, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    So glad to have you back in the blogging world lovely! And amen to all of the above! You preach that good stuff.. because I tell you, you already have one fellow blogger on board and behind you on working towards being better in any which way. I’ll drink to that. Water, drink my water that is. See, already being a better lady with my water over here. Haha No really, good job with this. It sounds great and I know you’ll do fantastic in getting people to see the light. As I said, you’ve already sold yours truly in just one post! x

  2. December 23, 2015 / 7:18 pm

    Hi! I never read your previous blog but I agree with everything you said about caring where your makeup comes from. With so many cf companies on the market proving there’s another way, there really is no excuse for continued animal torture!
    Every person converted to cruelty free products means lives saved. Good luck with the new site 🙂


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