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Le Specs Thunderbirds are GO! | My new favourite summer accessory

le specs

Who doesn’t love a good mirrored lens nowadays? I had been searching high and low for the perfect pair and finally found one I LURVE.

Most mirrored lenses are chonked onto awesome aviator “top gun” style frames (which are my preferred style), however my problem was finding a colour. Blue, green, yellow, purple – you name it – it’s out there. Once I cast my eye over these babies however, I seemed to be under a spell immediately and figured it was the best shade to go with my mostly black wardrobe.

Well, black, maroon, navy and khaki. And maybe some worn light blue jeans. That’s about the extent of it.

Truly rocking our sunnies world since 1979, Le Specs are among the highest of trend setters in the eye-wear game today, and rocked by celebs the world over. With a frame and style to suit everyone, I have adored Le Specs sunnies for many years and my latest pair have my heart beating faster than ever.

The Le Specs Thunderbird.


Sunnies Side

From the super bright mad red revo lenses, to the sleek, glossy black frames, they just exude summer cool. My cheesy grin here however, does not.

Like most Le Specs sunglasses, the Thunderbirds are super affordable, which rules. After all, we all know this whole mirrored coloured lens is definitely a current “trend” piece.

Thunderbird 4

There is not a SINGLE feature on the Thunderbirds that I don’t like – they sit comfortably on the bridge of the nose, don’t feel yeow around the back of the ears and just freaking rock. If I had to rate these bad boys comfort-wise, they are a definite 10/10.

Sunnies 2

For style, you gotta give them an 8/10. While I couldn’t love any accessory more than these right now, the trend will pass. The aviator frame is timeless but the lens will date, not to mention having to treat them like your Precious. I can see them getting all haggard and scratched quite easily without proper care (Le Specs are kind enough to give you a case with every purchase – and I use it religiously). You know once coloured lenses have even a tiny chip of that shiny finish, they will just look plain NASTY. Likah dis face…

Le Specs Thunderbird Sunnies

Overall though, these incredible shades are rocking my world right now. I CAN’T get enough.

Thunderbird 2

Unisex with a category 3 UV protection rating, AND a 1 year manufacturers warranty – you need NO other accessory this summer but these.

Available from Le Specs and ASOS for around $69.95AUD, these Thunderbirds are DEFINITELY go.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post guys! Something a little different than the usual – don’t want to be a one-trick pony and for Muskstick Mao to become all make-up 24/7.

Will be switching things up this year and including a whole stack of new content based around not just make-up and beauty, but clothing, accessories, cooking and general mama life junk as well, as we sail through 2014 together. Watch this space!

As always, thank you for coming along today and joining me once more, and for the first timers – HELLO! Your support means everything to me.

Feel free to send me a big HI in the comments, through the Contact Me section at the top of the page – or even join me on social media (links top and bottom), I would love to hear from you. Suggestions or requests are ALWAYS welcomed too (and I am in the middle of fulfilling some right NOW so keep those eyes peeled).

Now *go outside and enjoy life – it’s Sunday Funday!

*Or stay inside with your freshly installed split system, away from the blistering heat with friends, a cold beer and bulk episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. AHEM.

DISCLAIMER: I was NOT sent these for review, they were purchased with my own money. I am in no way currently affiliated with Le Specs. All opinions stated are 100% genuine and my own.



  1. Bridie
    February 1, 2014 / 11:58 pm

    You rock the Thunderbirds!

  2. Ange
    February 2, 2014 / 12:46 am

    Yes looking hot M.M.

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