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Welcome to The Better List – a super informative A-Z index of cruelty-free and partially or fully vegan brands! I have created this glorious directory so that you can easily and ethically shop with some of the kindest and most caring brands around.

If you click each brand, you will be taken to a spesh page detailing which products of theirs are vegan-friendly (if not all), and also a little blurb on the company, a link to their official site and not only all this – but also you get a peep at the exact email response that ABK has received from the brand on their cruelty-free stance! This is all still under construction, but keep this page bookmarked as within the next few weeks, it will be complete.

The Better List is currently pretty Aussie-centric, as there are already many awesome + super comprehensive lists for the US folks (Tashina Combs from Logical Harmony has theirs down-pat!), so I wanted to investigate and make one of my own regarding brands that are easy for my fellow Australians to access and purchase.

Also, if you ARE an uber kewl brand and think you deserve to be here, OR if you notice any brands missing here that you think should be added, feel free to hit me up in the Contact section !

Many people hold their own personal views on what defines a product as cruelty-free,  so have also made this handy key guide below to help you find brands that gel with your version of cruelty-free.

v = 100% vegan

sv = some vegan products in line

pt = this brand themselves is cruelty-free, but ARE owned by a parent company who either test on animals and/or own other brands that do


To see if a certain brand is listed quick sticks, just follow these simple instructions:


10 and Co v

100% Pure v




Babescrub v

Baby Organics sv

Badger Balm sv

Bare Minerals sv pt

Barry M sv

Bdellium Tools sv

Be Genki v

BeautyBlender v

Beauty By Nature sv

Beauty Pod v

Becca sv

Belle Mi sv

Ben Nye sv

Benjabelle v

Bite Beauty sv pt

Billinudgel Soap & Cosmetics v

Biologika v

Biossentials v

Black Chicken sv

Black Magik Aromatherapy sv

Blast v

Blinc Cosmetics v

Blossom Eco Skin Care sv

Blue Moon sv

Bonchic v

Bondi Sands v

Bondi Wash v

Botani v

Botanical Signature v

Briese Botanicals v

Bronze Bitch v

Brooklan Tree sv

Buckley & Phillips sv

Byron Bay Skincare v

Byron Nature’s Gift sv

By Terry sv


Caronlab Australia sv

Cherry Brown v

Cherry Cosmetics sv

Chi Chi Cosmetics sv

China Glaze sv

Chinta Island v

Ciate London sv

Circle of Life Botanicals v

CitroLife v

Clean Conscience v

Clean Slate Skin Care v

Clover Fields sv

Coconut Tree sv

Color Club v

Colour by TBN sv

ColourPop sv

Concrete Minerals v

Cosima Skincare v

Cover FX v



D & M sv

D+T v

Davroe Hair Wellness v

Deborah Lippmann sv (only product not vegan is the cuticle oil)


Delicious Skin v

Dermalogica sv

Designer Brands v

Dindi Naturals v

Divine By Theresa Kerr v

DnA Elements

DNJ Spa Candle sv

Dose Of Colors v

Dr Bronner’s sv

Dr Hauschka sv

Dr Wendy’s v


Earth Choice v

Earth Skinfoods sv

Earth’s Beauty sv

ECO minerals v

Eco Tan sv

EcoFuture sv

ECOlogic sv

Ecostore sv

EcoTools v

Ecoya v

Edible Beauty v

E.L.F/Eyes Lips Face v

Ellis Faas sv

Elly B Organic Skincare sv

Ellovi v

Emma Organics sv

Enbacci v

Enzyme Wizard v

Ere Perez Natural sv

Erin Bigg sv

Essence sv

Essence of Wellbeing sv

Ethique v

Eve Lom sv

EverEscents Organic Hair Care sv

Everyday Minerals v


Face Atelier sv

Face Of Australia sv

FAST Shave Gel sv

FAST Shave Lather sv

Fiji Spice Queen v

First Aid Beauty sv

First Light Organics sv

First Love Organics sv

Florentine Gold v

Foreo sv

Frank Body sv

Fresca Natural v

Funtime Bubblebath v

Furless Cosmetics v


GAIA Skin Naturals SV

Giovanni V

Glitter Injections V

Glossier SV

Go-To Skincare SV

Good 4 You Aromatherapy SV

Gourmet Body Treats SV

Guinot SV


Hab Shifa SV

Halo Organics V

Handmade Naturals SV

Happy Skincare V

Hello I’m Roar V

Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics V

Herb Doctor V

Herb UK SV

Herban Cowboy V

Herbon V

Hobson Dell SV

Hourglass SV



Illamasqua SV

Ime Natural Perfume V

In Essence V




Innoxa SV

Integrity Cosmetics SV

Intuitive Skin Nourishment V

iRaw V

IT Cosmetics SV


Jack N’ Jill Kids V

Jacqueline Evans v

Jane Iredale SV

Jasmin Skincare SV

Jeffree Star V

Jjenisis V

Joel Alexander V

JOI Pure Natural Skincare SV

Jojoba Australia V

JOLI Natural Skin Care SV


Josie Maran Cosmetics SV


Kat Von D SV PT

Keeko v

Kelapa Organics V

Keshi Organics V

Kester Black V

Kirika SV

Klara Cosmetics SV

Koh Gen Do SV

Kora Organics sv (only item not vegan is the Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm, which contains Beeswax)

Kosmea SV

Kryolan SV

KUU Konjac Sponges V

KuuSh V


La Mav SV

Lariese Purely Organic SV

Larissa Bright SV

Lavanila v

Lavera v

Laviol Organic SV

Le Reve V

Le Tan sv

Lewin & Reilly Organic Skin Care SV


Lily Loves Pearl SV

Lime Crime V

Limedrop V

Lime Lily Cosmetics V

Little Innoscents SV

Living Nature SV

Livinia SV


Loving Tan V

Luk Beautifood sv (only item not vegan is the Tangerine Pomegranite Lip Nourish, which contains Beeswax and Carmine)

Lumineye Nailcraft Innovations SV

Luna Bronze v


Lust Mineral Cosmetics V

Lux Aestiva v


Make UP Cosmetics SV

Makeup Geek sv

Malin + Goetz sv

Malka SV

Manic Panic v

Margaret River Hemp Co SV

Mario Badescu SV

Mastey V

Meditree V

Medusa’s Makeup SV

Melt Cosmetics SV

Meow Meow Tweet! V

Method V

Michael Todd sv

Michiko V

Mii Maa V

Milani SV

Mine Tan V

Mineral Obsession V

Miod Skincare SV

MOA Skincare sv

ModelCo SV

Mokosh SV

Molton Brown


Montagne Jeunesse SV

MooGoo SV

Moom V

Moroccanoil SV

Morphe SV

Mountain Minerals Makeup V

Mukti Organics V

MuLondon V

Musq V

My Konjac Sponge V

My Lip Stuff SV




Napoleon Perdis SV

Natio SV

Natural Aroma Soaps SV

Natural Being SV

Natural Wonders SV

Naturally Clean V

Nature’s Quest V

Natures Organics V

Necromancy Cosmetica V

Neek Skin Organics V

New Directions Australia SV

Nip + Fab SV

Noir Body v

Nood Body Essentials V

Novena Maternal Skin Care V

Nude Natural Skin Care V

Nudestix SV

Nuggett & Charlie V

Nui SV


Nzuri Organics SV


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) V

OFRA Cosmetics SV

Oil Garden V

Okoii SV

Ole Henriksen SV PT

One & Co V

One Seed V

Opulence Cosmetics SV

Organic Care V

Organic Clean V

Organic Colour Systems V

Organic Formulations SV

Organic Kama V

Organicspa V

OrganiPet SV

Oribe V

Orly SV

OUCH! Herbal Insect Repellent Spray V

OUCH! Instant Herbal Sting Relief Spray V

Out of Eden V


Pacific Perfumes SV

Pacifica V

Patti Flynn SV

Paul Mitchell SV

Paula’s Choice

Peachface SV

PearlBar v

Perfect Potion SV


Perfume by Nature SV

Perricone MD SV

Pharmaoil V

Phoenix All Natural V

Physicians Formula SV

Pineapple Heads sv

Planet Eve Organics V

Playdays V

Pixi SV

Pompadour V

Poni Cosmetics

Positively Organic Skincare V

Power Pellets V

Prahy Cosmetics V

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics V

Primal Pit Paste SV

Prirodna Vegan Cosmetics V

Prtty Peaushun v

Pure and Green Organics V

Pure Poppet

Purity V


Rasasara Skinfood SV


Real Techniques V

Rebels Refinery

Ria’s Natural Health SV

RJ Mineral Cosmetics SV

RMS Beauty SV

Rouge Bunny Rouge SV


S & N Products SV

Sambora Beach Toes V

Sanctum V

Sassy Cosmetics SV

Sasy n Savy V

Saucebox Cosmetics

Savi Organics V

Say It With Polish V

Saya SV

Schmidt’s Deodorant V

Scout Cosmetics V

Sea Siren Cosmetics SV

Serenity Skincare SV

Shadow Shields V

Shanghai Suzy V

Sigma SV

Simple as That v

Simplicite Skin Care V

Skin Naturale SV

Sleek SV


Smitten Essence SV

SoapNuts Australia V

Soda & Co sv

SOE Bioremedies SV

Sonia Kashuk SV

Soul Spa Alchemy V

SpaRitual V

Spectrum V

Stevie K Cosmetics

Sugarpill SV

Sugar Venom V

Sukin Organics V

Suncoat Products SV

Sunday Riley SV

Super Concentrates SV

Supergoop! V

Swami Sarasvati SV

Sweet Lily SV

Swisspers SV

Synergie Skin SV

Synthesis Organics SV



Tarte SV PT

Taslie Skin Care SV

Tatcha SV

Tattva’s Herbs SV

the Balm SV

The Beauty Chef

The Body Shop SV PT

The Herb Farm SV

The Ingrid Perri Range SV

Tilley Soaps

Tinderbox SV

Tints of Nature V

Toby and Rosie SV

Too Faced SV PT

Tri Nature SV

Trilogy SV

TriShave SV

Truly Inspired! SV

Turning Point V



Ultraceuticals SV

Uni Organics SV

Uniquely Natural V

Urban Decay SV PT

UVnatural SV


Vanessa Megan SV

Vanilla Mozi

Vapour Beauty SV

Vegan Tree Owl V

Veganpet V

Venustus V

Vrindavan Body Care V


Warbotanicals SV

Wattle Creek SV

Weleda sv

Well2 V

W3ll People SV

Wen By Chaz Dean SV

Wet N’ Wild SV

Wet Willy V

Woohoo! Natural Deodorant V

WotNot sv (only products not vegan are the Sunscreens, which contain Beeswax)


Yaby Cosmetics SV

Yes To SV

Y Natural Skincare V

Youngblood SV

Y-Yo Australia V

Yuva V


Z-Palette V

Zk’in V

Zoeva SV

Zoya V

Zuii Organic SV