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THE MULTI-USE MARVEL: Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap


Today’s vid is all about a superstar product from a rad company that have a reputation for eco-friendliness, cruelty-free and veganness, and all-round goodness.

Dr Bronner’s signature Pure-Castile Liquid Soap famously has 18-in-1 uses including washing face, body and hair, shaving, rinsing fruit and veg, washing dishes, laundry, floors and windows, cleaning makeup brushes, scrubbing toilets, washing dogs and controlling dust mites.

This phenom wonder soap is vegan, cruelty-free and so damn beautiful. Just a little mention also: by no way or means is this a sponsored video.

I just adore Dr Bronner’s, their tireless work and their ethical standpoint makes them totally ABK-worthy. They deserved a video all of their very own, so I made to introduce you to them!


The packaging, well recognised for its rainbow of colours and unique philosophical writing, is made from 100% postconsumer recycled plastic.

The vibrant colours reflect the various natural scents of the products – Lavender, Citrus, Cherry Blossom, Almond, Rose, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Green Tea, Sandalwood Jasmine, Unscented and the signature scent, Peppermint.

Dr Bronner’s extensive personal care range includes Pure-Castile Liquid and Bar Soaps, Organic Pump Soap, Organic Lip Balm, Organic Lotion and Organic Hair Care. Dr Bronner’s products are available to purchase from David Jones and leading health, organic and natural product stores nationally, and online at:


Video mentioned during intro: Journey to Serendipol – Dr Bronner’s Fair Trade and Organic Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka

What does sustainable business look like? What is true fair trade, from root to fruit? Journey to Serendipol (8 minutes) documents the development of Dr Bronner’s fair trade sister company Serendipol in Sri Lanka—growing out of a tsunami relief effort in 2004 to become the world’s foremost source of certified fair trade and organic virgin coconut oil. Hear the voices of some of the 1,200 organic farmers and 300 staff members who grow and process coconuts for Serendipol’s plant in Kuliyapitiya, as they talk about the project’s impact on local community development. Serendipol serves as a model for fair trade projects around the world.

Dr Bronner’s amazing YouTube channel shows many more videos like the one above, head there to see more of their incredible work.


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Thanks for watching!


*This product was kindly gifted for consideration. As ABK is strictly cruelty-free and preferably vegan only, we are incredibly selective on what we feature. Any products that appear on ABK are generally super stellar – you gotta be to make it on here. They not only have to impress us but we’d like them to be ethical legends as well. 


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