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Taking Stock (or something)

Taking Stock (or something)

So yeah, I’ve been away.


I wish I could spend a daily, dedicated chunk of focus time on here. My ideas truly do grow like a relentless weed, and lack of time is the poison that halts.

The ABK vault – in the form of multiple notepads strewn across the house + countless apps (incl. trusty Notes) – still do hold all these future plans. It makes me sadder than nothing else that I can’t bring them all to fruition right now.

For now, I will still potter and plant a seed here and there when I can. Know I’m still here, still wanting to scream the better word as loud as ever.

Enjoy this Taking Stock post/peek on into my current world, and you’ll discover why exactly I struggle to fit it all in! And maybe have a gig or two.

Miss you. x


Making: protein shakes all day long. Currently in the middle of a 12 week body transformation challenge and my nutrition game has been tight. Apart from like 5 wines over the past week. Which I think still ok, cause, grapes.

Cooking (pre-challenge): Buddha/rainbow/abundant/hippie bowls. I actually just call them picky plates. And mine are likely to be far unhealthier but way tastier? Going to smash my go-to messy bowl recipe up on the blog soon for you to enjoy yo self…
Drinking: Mandatory morning coffee, and 2.5 litres of water erryday. Nothing else. Oh, ‘cept those 10,000 aforementioned protein shakes (it’s really only three daily but ya know). So I feel mildly superhuman right about now. Who needs to pee far too much – but TOXINS BE GONE, right?
Reading: Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody. And at a snails pace. I have about enough energy upon crawling into bed to read one paragraph nightly.  So much for a book a week!
Trawling: More like getting lost in Muzli – an amazing design inspo plugin for your internet browser of choice. I always open this (and a Reddit tab) first thing. Choose from lots of different feeds based on your particular design interest (web/graphic, tech news etc) and off you go into a world of pure inspiration.
Wanting: some Mister Nice Guys cupcakes. And a few of their spinach and cheese scrolls (my fave). 50-ish days to go…

Looking: at my assessment due dates for this term and melting into a puddle. This is just for a term, not all three years?!
Deciding: to be more minimalist this year in terms of clothing spendies. Fast fashion be gone (or at least dramatically reduced)! Always been a fan of investing in good quality threads, but going to really hone in on it this year, as well as take full note of the ethical stance of who I am buying from. Better options – always.
Wishing: I could control time. Weeks have passed but I’m not used to my son’s transition into kinder and still unsure how to fit all my study/errands/blog into those days now. You think with more time, I’d be able to blitz it all, right?
Waiting: for SO much. Better Call Saul. Alien: Covenant. Thrones.
Wondering: when will my life beginnnnn. Sorry that’s Frozen. Wondering if distance university was such a good idea after all. This is only week 1, but I feel like I’m drowning already. I know I can do this, but it will be by crawling on my raw hands and knees. Super challenging and scary AF.
Loving: The Expanse. I’m pretty picky on what sci-fi I’m into, but an old friend recommended this, and I turned insta-fan from first ep. Highly recommend. I mean, Thomas Jane is in it. Even IF he looks like a filthy drug-dealing magician, you still totally would.

Yep. Totally would.

Listening: to everything, everyday. Rising Water by James Vincent McMurray far too much. Great tune from mid-2016 – chill, happy, ace. Do You Remember by Jarryd James. THAT VOICE YO. Am I Wrong by Anderson .Paak. Funky AF. All my old faves, and as always, lots of Children Gambino. Maybe I should make my Spotify public so you can browse my tunes? Let me know in the comments if that’s something you wants!
Considering: buying a bike. Already have a neglected gym membership so I should slow my roll. But their cute baskets are just built for mid-week grocery/cider pop-in’s. Sounds like tons of fun (plus fitness all at once, or something).
Buying: no more chocolate for 2017. Seriously, cupboard space is strained.
Watching: Atlanta. Goddamn, everything that kid touches turns to gold.

Hoping: That everyone is easy on themselves this year – myself included. Slow and steady win the race, eh? Mistakes and stumbles aren’t necessarily a bad thing.
Needing:  A Nintendo Switch. Still so much PS4 to smash through, but GOTTAM I just want to 1-2 Switch so bad.
Questioning: whether to change my blog layout again. Yes, seriously. I have a problem.
Smelling: like a sexy musky tramp sent from heaven. Seriously hate to brag, but if you grab yourself Korres’ Vanilla, Lychee and Freesia EDT, then you will too. You’re welcome.
Wearing: stripes again well into the new year. It is borderline nuts (and embarrassing) how many white and navy striped tees one human can own. World record attempt in progress.
Admiring: all the talented people in my community getting shit done. Will be sharing their awesomeness with you here in the very near future!
Getting: as many Evil Queen candles as my bank account will permit. WANT THEM ALL. Starting with this guy, because he’d likely remind me of one of mine and a good pals favourite spots, Tarra Bulga National Park (feature picture). We’ve made a pact to do regular walkies there every other weekend, super nice and early. Such a magical place, totally melts any stress away and you return back to town feeling completely revived and ready to be productive AF. I figure if I have this candle, I can be motivated and stress-free always, right?

Disliking: my baby back cut that is healing. Just had a freckly removed (all clear). The reason it’s a dislike is that it has set me back a few weeks in upper body training, ya know, since I couldn’t risk popping it open. Never thought I’d see the day I would complain about having a reason to not exercise!
Opening: endless vegan subscription boxes full of yummy treats I can’t yet eat. At least my little dude ransacks the stash often so temptation is reduced!
Feeling: pretty damn free. For the longest time, I have relied on others for happiness. Nothing wrong at all with my beautiful friends and family, but I heavily relied upon them to bring me joy, instead of myself. And that kind of living is totally unfair not just to them, but to yourself. 2016 was a big learning curve, and I am now totally happy and confident with myself alone, not waiting on someone else to feed my soul for me. Feels fucking incredible, and I feel like I give and offer so much more as a friend now that I’ve found my true self again.
Celebrating: my dedication to the Maxine’s 12 Week Challenge. I attempted this back in 2015 and failed around Week 8 – mainly because I started for all the wrong reasons. I did it for everyone else but myself. The program did however, actually help me go vegetarian, because I got so sick having to eat meat. Went vego from then, and only a few short months later, vegan. Now they have a proper vegan version of their program, I decided to do it again. This time for me (not others) and just quietly – I’m killing it.
Pretending: like I don’t want a tub of ice-cream right now. The pizza shop is a short walk away and they got the good vegan stuff in like 10 minutes after I started being good. Such tease!

And that’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed this more personal-esk style post, and may the rest of your week be ace AF. x


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  1. Mya
    March 16, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    Thank you Hayley for letting us in – you have so much going on!!!! Keep that positive attitude up girl – so many wonderful things await for you. Try not to get overwhelmed. We all love you so much!!!!
    While being so kind to the world don’t forget to be kind to you ? You’re amazing!
    We’ve missed ya xxxxx

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