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Taking Stock | Just another manic Hump Day

Circa Home

So, for those regulars out there, you may have noticed my NOTICEABLE absence from the blog of late.

I returned yesterday and am hoping to be back perma-style from here on in, but I still think you deserve a little catch-up chitty chat!

So it’s high time I do another fun little “Taking Stock” post – you get to know a little more about me as a real life gal, and imma throw in a few products that helped me through the chaotic past month.

‘Cause I know how much you LOVE my enabling ways.

Raw Cacao Bliss Balls Recipe

Making: Non-stop batches of my Cacao Bliss Balls. It’s our little healthy “guilty” pleasure of a nighttime instead of mountains of chocolate. Feel free to show up anytime now, sexy summer bohdie.

Wasting: Lots and lots of time. It was like all of my time management skills dissolved into a puddle the past couple of months!

Smelling: This HEAVENLY 1979 Oceanique candle by Circa Home. ALL DAY. Oh my word, the scent. This is the most perfect description directly from a review on the Circa site –

“Imagine it’s a really hot day and you have a nice, long, cool shower. You wash your hair, you use a refreshing marine-based shower gel, and you pat yourself dry with a clean white fluffy towel. So take that smell and add in the lightest dash of a cool, clean men’s cologne. THAT is 1979 Oceanique.”

Honestly, all candle lovers need to RUN at this. This soy-based orange blossom & bergamot wonder has permanent pride of place in my kitchen now, and if I had to only own one candle for life, it would be him.

Circa Home

Wearing:  The Tasha Hanky tanks from Cotton On. Light, breezy and such a steal, you can easily own all the colours!

Feeling: A little out of it but finally out of the “overwhelmed” stage. You know when you just take on heaps of work, you feel totally ready and pumped…then your brain and body say NUP I’ll have none of THAT – and promptly shut down into couch-dweller mode? Yep, well, that for like 5+ weeks.

Writing: again! Finally back to the grind, and loving it. Missed you all so mush, and missed sharing lots of goodies with you – the catch-up is going to be delicious! Not so much for your wallet…

Enjoying: Nashville! After having a couple of my closest pals hound me to watch it for a while now, I went head and CRAM WATCHED that sucker. Nothing spectack acting-wise, but very easy to watch and a tad addictive. Not my usual jam but it’s great when there’s nothing else. Hang on, that’s not a great review…ahh well, give it a try.

Wondering: If we should move to a new house, or stay in our oldie. Pro for staying: Giant block of land with a loan so low that we can pay off lots extra. Pro for leaving: instant newness, maybe a dishwasher for the first time ever…and we’d escape the lovely *AHEM* neighbours who moved in behind us. Now, we are all known to (accidentally) slip out some colourful language on the daily, but they are NEXT LEVEL. And it doesn’t look so flash when they do that around their young child. Also the staring over the fence and shed hangouts all day are a little off-putting. Are you playing Walter White in there or what?

Drinking: Whatever is in the fridge, just no tap water. (I prefer my thirst quenched without a side of vicious fence face).

Loving: How my past turtle-speed month has made me go back to basics. Most days were spent in a messy bun and not a skeric of make-up. And I re-discovered some classic, simple gems too. The Velvet Soaps!

Velvet Skincare

The scent of these reminds me of being a lil’ kidlet – what Aussie families didn’t have these?

Around for more than 100 years, these are iconic, affordable and gentle. My fave of the bunch has got to be the Goats Milk bar, my legs are so super smooth and quenched, thanks to the natural AHA’s, fatty acids, Vitamins A,C and B within!

Velvet Skincare

Seriously, retailing between $3.59 – $3.99, you should try these bad boys out instead of reaching for your usual body wash. Saving your hard earned moolah and putting the little of it into a 100% Australian made and owned company!


Velvet Skincare

Reading: The Grug collection all day and all night long. Our little Jules is mad for Gruggo, therefore we have no choice but to ALSO be mad for Gruggo.

Waiting: On my new Thermomix! Bit excited for its arrival – I do have the previous model, but the new one has gizmos and whatsits. And I am a MASSIVE gadget fiend. GOTTA HAVE IT.

Looking: At new houses online CONSTANTLY. Did I mention that already? 🙂

Playing: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on PS4. Love it. Wish I had more time to get my game on.

Cooking: lots of healthyish salads and fresher meals now we have hit SPRANG. I have this sexy Healthy Eats board on Pinterest if you need some inspo!

Following: (More like stalking) Jeff Martin of The Tea Party all across social media. After seeing them Sunday night at the Palais (insane show!), my teen crush on him has come back with fervour.


Hope everything in your world has been peachy since I was last here long ago!

I promise that’ll be the last hiatus ever. Missed you all terribly.

Back tomorrow with some cheeky goodies!


1 Comment

  1. October 15, 2014 / 7:13 am

    Welcome back, was wondering where you had disappeared to!.
    Glad I’m not alone in my social stalking of Jeff Martin and the tea party 🙂


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