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Stuff I Loved This Week

Grosby Hoodies For Your Feet

The title kinda says it all.

Let’s jump right in…

Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence

1. Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence

In times of chilling, blogging, cooking, breakfasting, bathing, getting ready for the day – that trademark syrupy sultry drawl with a little saccharine stirred in, it just suits my world any time. No cares what the press say about her, I think she’s incredible. Been listening to this album non-stop since it’s release, and my top repeaters are West Coast, Florida Kilos, Brooklyn Baby, Shades of Cool, Ultraviolence, and the makes-me-weep-every-time Is This Happiness. I REALLY want to punch myself in the boob for saying this, but after getting sucked into all this 50 Shades of Grey trailer-ness this week, I can seriously envision Shades of Cool, Ultraviolence or West Coast on the soundtrack. Comment below if you agree. Or call me a sheep. Either one!

Grosby Hoodies For Your Feet

2. Grosby Hoodies For Your Feet

What of it? Slippers are definitely an acceptable Stuff I Love! These cheap booties are the best invention since sliced bread. I am all over these every winter, and they are the comfiest things ever. K-Mart. $15. Go now and thank me later.

iDrated app

3. iDrated App for iPhone

Man I am the PITS at remembering to drank my 2 litres a day. This guy has helped me since June times to keep at it – he even sends me reminders every few hours to throw back another glass of the good stuff. Any thing that makes a game out of the boring and mundane – I’m there. This has definitely helped me MASSIVE. Get on it.

Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Room Spray

4. Snotty Grotty Room Spray by Milk Baby

This one was more for my little bear, but it was a saving grace for Mama and Papa too. This is almost like Vicks in a spray – but not to be applied topically, just to be sprayed about the bedroom, and onto pillows or blankies.  It helps clear the nasal passage to allow your kidlet or little bub to get a decent nights sleep when the sniffles take hold. We have been using it nightly for the past week, in our room and in my little Jules’ room – we all seem to be on the cusp of getting a cold and feeling a little stuffy, but it’s just not quite taking over yet. I believe our guardian angel Snotty Grotty is the reason. Good for the whole family and so affordable too! Available from Coles and Woolworths nation wide.

Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey Chai

5. Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey Creamy Tea Latte

Oh bahjeez. Multiple cups a day this week – no lie. This absolutely scrumptious, soothing, creamy concoction is total heaven. A couple of teaspoon stirred through cold milk, then zapped for a minute of two in the microwaves – DONE. I kinda can’t believe how low in calories it is, cause it tastes naughty as heck. Wrap your hands around a hot mug of this stuff , and if you are a chai lover, just run out now and BUY. Oh and it’s 20% off at Coles until August 5th. Aren’t I good to you? I buy mine in bulk here, but head to Coles for the 8 pack if you wanna just test it first!

Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost

6. Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost

After cleansing at night, I have been patting 3 drops of this elixir onto my face before bedtimes. The mega hydrating blend of antioxidant rich oils – good ol’ Rosehip, Pomegranite, Camellia and Apricot – totally makes my skin feel rejuvenated. It feels like such a soothing treat for my tired skin, and makes it look nice and vibrant again. Really shot those dry patches around my nose down FAST. If you feel like winter has sucked the life out of your complexion, and it’s feeling dry and cranky, give this a go!

Lannister Shooter By Black Milk

7. My First Ever Black Milk Purchase.

And I wore it multiple days this week. I was on the waiting notifications list for The Lannister Shooter from Black Milk and finally got the “ITS BACK!” email the other week! Oh GLORIOUS DAY. When people say Black Milk is addictive, they don’t lie. I have my eye on so much it’s not funny, and after missing out on the things I wanted from the Adventure Time collection, I have been building up my launch day trigger finger – it’s now at panther-like levels of speed. No way I’m missing out in the future.

Lush Snowshowers Jelly

8. Lush Snow Showers Shower Jelly

You can read all about my love for this here. I have to really start rationing this stuff or I’ll run out by this time next week! It takes all of me not to grab the entire jelly chunk out of its little tub and use it like a loofah. #lushoverload

American Horror Story

9. American Horror Story

I have had as many hot dinners as I have had attempted re-watchings of American Horror Story. It is ridiculous how fearful I was. And I revelled in all things gore and horror as a little kid – growing up with two big brothers, it was pretty much a haze of Friday The 13th/Chucky/Stephen King with some Mad Max, Bloodsport and Terminator thrown in for good measure. But seriously, I think the amount of horror I was subjected too had a reverse impact – and I approach any scary tv or movie with extreme hands-over-my-eyes trepidation. I remember long ago the first time I tried to watch AHS…I didn’t even make it through the credits. I built it up too much. Between then and now, I had watched the first few episodes numerous times and REALLY wanted to get into it, but was too kitty kat. Now after conquering the first season, I see there was nothing to worry about. SUCH an amazing show, brilliant cast especially the magnificent Jessica Lange. Gotta catch up now before #Freakshow starts!

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

10. Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks, especially The Gossling

Just the best darn lipsticks going around. Just have totally fallen for these amazing thangs – click the link above to see more…I did a lil’ swatchfest on the blog yesterday of these babies.

See you tomorrow with a delicious instalment of the Weekend Wolf! It’s been a while.


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