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Shanghai Suzy Cocktails At Sunset Summer Collection

Shanghai Suzy Cocktails At Sunset Summer Collection

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Shanghai Suzy have just dropped this year’s Summer collection Cocktails At Sunset, and it is IMO, the best yet!

With shades celebrating the stunning hues of a sunset – peach, pink, red and orange – they are perfect for balmy evenings and scorching days. This collection is housed in their more recent and much loved sleek shiny black ‘pop up’ packaging, which personally makes me feels pretty damn Bondsy.


Miss Andrea Tangerine


This rad Melbourne-based, seasonal cosmetics brand are always bang-on-trend, while remaining super affordable. Each of the shades made are limited edition, with a fresh new range delivered each season.

Founded in 2013 by former cosmetics marketing executive Jo French, Shanghai Suzy was born to fill a big gap in the market. Like many of us, she was tired of spending so much money on trendy lippy shades that she knew wouldn’t be worn on the daily.

Cheaper brands always tend to fail however in one or many areas – chalky formulas, uncomfortable heavy feel, flimsy packaging or failing on bold pigment.  She was absolutely determined to keep things high-quality and low-priced no matter what. Well, she succeeded, with her Shanghai Suzy beauties ticking every SINGLE box.

And if all that isn’t enough, they are vegan and are infused with fruity fragrances inspired by grape flavoured bubblegum and strawberry fields – YAY for no more chemically, waxy stink!

We all love to check out accurate swatches before buying, and as always, I got yo back. Below you’ll find not just photos of each lippy and swatches, but also a sweet little video too!

All 8 shades are in the ‘Whipped Matte Formula’ which is light as a feather, yet long lasting and amazingly comfortable with a beautiful matte finish.

Lipsticks as shown from start to finish:

Miss Bianca MANGO SUNSET – Super cute baby mango for the perfect Summer pout. Pair Miss Bianca MANGO SUNSET with your favourite bronzer for an effortless Summer glow!

Miss Bianca Mango Sunset

Miss Louise PEACHY NUDE – A gorgeous barely-there pastel peach, Miss Louise Peachy Nude looks stunning paired with dewy skin and lush, black lashes.

Miss Louise Peachy Nude

Miss Chloe TOFFEE – One of my faves, Miss Chloe Toffee is a cross between two of their most popular nudes (Miss Leah Baby Cocoa & Miss Tanielle Desert Rose). A super flattering nude with beautiful warm undertones to suit almost every skin tone!

Miss Chloe Toffee

Miss Laura PINK LADY – Beautifully flattering and super fun, Miss Laura Pink Lady reminds us of the sweet Pink Lady cocktail, and it’s just as delicious.

Miss Laura Pink Lady

Miss Jess COTTON CANDY – Gloriously cool-toned and ultra bold, Miss Jess Cotton Candy is a bombshell Barbie pink, reminiscent of sweet fairy floss – it screams fun! Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Miss Jess Cotton Candy

Miss Fiona GRAPEFRUIT MARTINI – The ultimate ‘go-to’ for this Summer, Miss Fiona Grapefruit Martini is a super flattering bold grapefruit hue. The formula + colour combo is to die for!!!

Miss Fiona Grapefruit Martini

Miss Andrea TANGERINE – Bold, bright and super loud, Miss Andrea Tangerine is the perfect pop of colour for Summer. Pair this statement lip with minimal eye makeup, hair pulled back and an all white outfit.

Miss Andrea Tangerine

Miss Claire FIRE ENGINE RED – A re-run of one of their most popular reds, dating back to their very first collection! A beautiful orange-based red that really pops. This time around, they have crafted Miss Claire Fire Engine Red into their ‘Whipped Matte’ formula. The perfect statement Summer red!

Miss Claire Fire Engine Red



At a crazy $14.95 each (easy to catch ’em all), Shanghai Suzy is available to purchase in over 600 doors nationally – in your favourite beauty salons, fashion boutiques, online shopping haunts or through your makeup artist – and you can find your nearest stockist right here

My preferred spot to shop Shanghai Suzy is through Rouche Boutique onlineFeel free to use the discount code “ABETTERKIND” for 10% off your order at checkout!  They also have the amazing Afterpay payment option. This allows you to add anything to cart, and just pay the total off over 4 fortnightly instalments vs all up front.

Just beware: this makes it VERY easy to justify giant hauls!


*This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click through them to buy products, I make a little commission for sending you there! YAY, you get to buy things cheaper AND support A Better Kind in creating more and more cool content. WIN WIN!


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