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Review Time: VIP Tan by Vicky Bronzed Babe Dark Self Tanning Mousse

vip tan by vicky


Just the other week I was thinking, it has been a lil’ while since my last fake tan review…and that day, as luck would have it, the new VIP Tan by Vicky Bronzed Babe Dark Self Tanning Mousse arrived in my letterbox to try – so here’s my thoughts!

VIP Tan by Vicky Bronzed Babe Dark Self Tanning Mousse

VIP Tan by Vicky has been doing the rounds already throughout the UK and is very much loved on that side of the planet – as it should.


It was created by one of their own – Vicky Pattison, who starred in MTV’s Geordie Shore! Having no Foxtel, I am blind to the wonders of most reality teev nowadays, but I did sneak a peek through Youtube and I have to say – she is thoroughly entertaining!

The shade range of mousse self tanners in her VIP Tan by Vicky range include:

Sunkissed Glow Light

Golden Goddess Medium

Bronzed Babe Dark (the one I had the pleasure of testing)

and Tropically Tanned Extra Dark (for those who like their tans at the most intense level!)

An Express 2 Hour Mousse is also available if you prefer not waiting the usual 8 hours-before-shower, also a Bronzed Mist Self Tan Spray is also available if you aren’t a mousse fan.

VIP Tan by Vicky Bronzed Babe Dark Self Tanning Mousse
Before-io in all my neon white glor-io…


I usually go for a nice, light to medium understated hue when self-tanning and rarely go to the darkside. But I had no problems going guinea-pig and trialing the darker shade – me + beauty products, especially  self-tanners = all on that like white on rice.


VIP Tan by Vicky Bronzed Babe Dark Self Tanning Mousse
After – SUPER bronzed babe, just as the name predicted! And I have my fingers bunched up as I cut my fingie and didn’t want you to have to see HAGGARD BANDAID.


The shade on me, as expected, was dark but still a great colour – day one at its darkest left me a little weirded out, only as I am so used to using lighter tans, I’m not used to seeing myself so tanned! It truly was a great, deep shade and for those girls who LOVE their tans mega bronze and dark, you HAVE to try it.

The fade off was extremely decent, it took a good week before showing signs of shifting and I am actually still waiting for smaller areas on my legs to fade completely before I do my next tan – two weeks since application!

Great longevity and staying power, an especially good tan if you are one of those girls who loves reapplying every 4 days so you can be perma-tan. Personally I have never been able to do that – never works for me! Possibly as I am so incredibly pale, that at any sign of wear, I immediately want to scrub it all away and start with a fresh application.

There was a fake tan scent throughout wear, but with all darker tans containing higher percentages of DHA, its almost inevitable.


VIP Tan by Vicky Bronzed Babe Dark Self Tanning Mousse
Moi – wearing my VIP Tan on a night out in Melbourne for a Boy and Bear gig. Which we left early from to go get fries cause we were all collectively STARVING. My friends are the best.


VIP Tan by Vicky overall was a fantastic tan and I am super keen to try the Sunkissed Glow Light and Golden Goddess Medium!

Grab yours from the VIP Tan By Vicky website, and make sure you check out the Vip Tan by Vicky Australia Facebook page.

Hope you enjoyed as always, my sweetfaces!

Much love,

 Disclaimer: This product was kindly sent to me for review consideration. Opinions above are 100% honest and my own.


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