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SUMMER COMES EARLY: The brand new Kester Black nail polish shades set to brighten your winter

kester black

KB fans unite! New to Kester Black nail polishes? Well, aren’t you are in for a treat!

Kester Black are legends in the nail game, and in my humble opinion, create some of the coolest shades around. Not only are they Australian-made, cruelty-free AND vegan, but they are also “5 Free”, meaning they contain no DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor or toluene. AKA super kind to your claws and the environment.

And also some dang delicious scented body care products too, like Lucky, their warm caramelly + vanilla scented body fondant. Yes that’s right, you can cosplay as a big ol’ piece of cake. YUM.

But back to the breaking news: they have just released their first summer shades. Yep you heard right, SUMMER. It was like they heard us screaming out from our blanket forts and quickly dashed to their lab to concoct up a solution to soothe our winter woes. And they thought, hay fuck it, let’s also skip a season ’cause who wants Spring when you’re in sub zero temperatures, willing to chop off your mittoned hand with 50,000th cup of tea attached just for one crisp bevvy by the pool.

With Spring not far off (I KNOW, I DONT WANT TO THINK ABOUT REMOVING LAYERS JUST YET EITHER), these 4 new bright shades are just the reassuring back pat we need to remind us there’s not too much longer now of this frosty shit. So timely Kester B, you lovely peaches.


First up is Barbie – a hypo candy pink.

This is spot on Barbie’s Ferrari pink, this is just a bit epic for me personally (on the talons at least), but toes for summer would be ace.

kester black, kester black nail polish reviewkester black, kester black nail polish review

Second up is Blossom – a pastel pink.

A soft, rock-around-the-whole-year kinda muted pink that adds just a little somethin’.

kester black, kester black nail polish review

I will never for the rest of my life hear the word Blossom and not see this flash in my mind. Cannot be erased. That Joey Lawrence though. WOOF!

Next up is Terrarium – a lush green.

Bold and pretty, this would make a great base for some flash nail-art (did you know Kester also sell a sweet nail art pack too?).

kester black, kester black nail polish review

And finally, Cumulus – a lush cloud blue.

kester black nail polish review, kester blackkester black, kester black nail polish review

I’m either a huge pastel kween or a dark brooding hermit, so Blossom and Cumulus are the shades I’m likely to splash on my talons.


Pumped to learn that these 4 are also part of their Water Permeable range, which can actually improve the health of your nails and give a higher quality mani! Find out more about Water Permeable polishes here – they give a pretty tops sciencesy run-down which is hella not boring.

As if their cool shades, rad vegan-ness or gentle formulations wasn’t already enough, $1 from every online order goes to one of 4 amazing charities – Animals Asia, Bush Heritage Australia, Water Aid, and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Each Kester Black Nail Polish will set you back $20 AUD each, and if their summer brights don’t quite float your boat, don’t fret – there are 48 other smashing shades to choose from.

Available now at KesterBlack.com.au

Happy painting!


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  1. August 5, 2016 / 5:23 am

    Oooo, love Barbie and Blossom! Such pretty shades!

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