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NEW FEATURE: ABK’S Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide!

cruelty free

Shopping cruelty-free style – and more so vegan – can be a touch daunting as a beginner.

It means a lot of research. It means educating yourself on ingredients. It means lots of label reading.

And mostly involves standing in one spot for excessive lengths like a dodgy shoplifter, with your face buried in your phone searching Google to see if your future buys are a-ok or tested and terrible.

By no means is all this hard – it is just time-consuming in the early stages.


For me, in just a few short months, I have shot straight up to Level Intermediate/Expert CF Cosmetics Queen. Big up.

This is because it is my passion to only support cruelty-free brands, and even more, those who are also creating incredible vegan products. There are a scary amount of unnecessary ingredients lurking in what ends up on not only our faces, but our kitchen benches, our closet shelves, and our plates.


Companies that test will never magically and swiftly change their stance by own choice – they are forced into it by the consumer.


Why wouldn’t they choose to just simply do it out of kindness, you say? Well, their routine goes a little something like this: cheapest way + fastest way + high price tag = profit. And when its fast and cheap, it’s usually unethical.

As I have mentioned in the About section, we hold tremendous power and take it mostly for granted. The companies that strongly oppose animal testing generally have a core list of values they aim to always stand by, and they continue to strive for worldwide change. The ones who do test? They simply have a mammoth marketing strategy and a killer PR department to gloss over the negatives.

I’m sure if you asked, most people would say that YES, I totally would rather live in a world full of kindness and have none of this barbaric, antiquated nonsense behind what I buy.

But the one reason people don’t practice what they preach? Convenience.

We live a world of now now now. We have grown accustomed to getting anything we need immediately. We have never lived in a time of such abundance – and because of this, we have never been so dangerous.

This general laziness born of choices spoilt has become a blanket excuse for any wrongdoing, and it has to stop now.

WE have to want to, and frankly must, bring the change. We CAN mould the future.


Behind the scenes here at ABK, I have frantically been creating new future content to make all this easy for you.

One of those things I have been working on is a complete and concise Cruelty-Free Brands list – not just for the cosmetics aisle, but cleaning, clothing and a whole stack more.

For now, she will live up there in the main menu, slowly growing by the week. And possibly, one day, she’ll even morph into App form (dreaming big).

Soon, it will even be able to be filtered by store! That way, when you are out shopping and need a quick checkski of a brand, you can come straight here and see if they make it onto the Kind Krusaders list. It’s not actually called that, but sounds jazzy, right?

cruelty free

Check it out right nows – it’s currently small but sassy.


I want the choices to come naturally, for you to learn lots here, and to walk away with a fresh new perspective and a more positive outlook. If you even pick up just one cruelty-free item in place of a current tested version in your collection, that is magnificent. That is the start. And together, we can slowly get you to a higher place. You will feel like a freaking superstar, and trust me, the karma payoff is well worth it.

cruelty free

Your hard-earned money is your silent but mighty soapbox.

You solely decide where it travels and in whose palm it lays.

Every time you buy, you are whispering to that company that you want MORE.


Choose wisely.

Choose a better kind.



  1. Life Beauty Lens
    March 11, 2016 / 7:43 am

    The Kind Krusaders would be a great name! I’d download your app tomorrow. As I’m always one day behind you by the laws of time and space. ? Such a great post Hayley. Rocking it as always! x

    • March 11, 2016 / 8:27 am

      Aww you’re a sweetheart Life Beauty Lens! Thanks for the love 🙂 x

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