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Lipton brews up a new creation for dairy-free drinkers

Dairy-Free Tea?

After getting over my initial two-second panic of WAIT HAS THERE BEEN MILK POWDER IN TEABAGS THIS WHOLE TIME, all chill resumed.

Lipton have released a brand new tea, created specifically for dairy-free milks. HUZZAH!


lipton dairy free


Betcha wondering why…

Well, dietitian, nutritionist and plant-based babe Rebecca Gawthorne explains it well:


“Whilst there has been a rise in the availability of plant-based foods, not all dairy free alternatives are compatible with other products as intended. This means that myself and other plant-based eaters miss out on the foods we love.

If you’re a tea lover like me, you’ll know that when you add dairy free milk to tea, the milk can split and leave a bitter, dull taste in your mouth. Since making the switch from dairy to plant-based milk, I’ve avoided milk entirely but now dairy avoiders, or tea-gans like me can finally enjoy their favourite cuppa without compromising on flavour.”


Milk splits are honestly the worse. Almost worse than attempting a real life one (insert groin injury here).

As I’m primarily a soy gal, I don’t experience it much, but HECK if it doesn’t almost always happen with almond or nut milks. A curdley, unsexy mess.


If you have cried over bitter not-quite-right cuppas since day 1 of your vegan journey, grab a tissue, wipe your tears and lets boil beech.


lipton dairy free


One: fill kettle with water.

Two: pour boiled water into mug with tea bag.

Three: add your dairy-free mulk of choice (for me that is Bonsoy or Aldi Organic Soy, but you can fly with oat, coconut, almond, rice, cashew, hemp – WHATEVER.)



Ok look, let’s be real – she’s still black tea. Initially I could honestly tell zero difference compared to my past dairy-free cuppas but I’m almost exclusively an Earl Grey drinker when it comes to tea, so maybe my opinion is jack.

Halfway through though, I did notice it vibed more. Is that a thing? These high-quality Kenyan & Rwandan tea leaves might truly be a tad richer…

Without question, I need to do a side by side of their regular and Dairy-Free to see. Also with god forbid, a dairy-free milk other than my beloved soy! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @abetterkind to see a comparison vid in the coming days. Will be testing with different mulks and the regular Lipton brew.


If you make me a hot beverage of any kind – heck I was once an avid Lapsang Souchong drinker – I’ll happily cuddle and devour it.

Add a bikkie and we just became best mates.

Add a vegan donut or cake in the mix, and I may spill my deepest darkests.


And that’s the tea.

(Soz for stealing your bit, Sophie Turner.)


Lipton Dairy-Free is now available from Woolworths, Independants and IGAs nationally.


lipton dairy free

  This post was not sponsored or paid for. The tea was kindly offered free of charge by Lipton for review consideration. As ABK is strictly cruelty-free and vegan only, we are incredibly selective on who and what we feature. Any products featured must be super stellar PLUS made by ethical legends. They not only have to impress us but you, our devoted reader also.  

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