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3 Lime Crime Brights you need on your digits this Spring

Lime Crime Nail Polish

Anyone else tend to paint their talons far more in the warmer months?

As much as I love the deeper, dark plums and burgundys (or was it oxblood this year?), I love getting back into the louder shades when the suns out to play.

Today, I’m ringing in Spring with these 3 superb bright pastel polishes by Lime Crime!

Lime Crime Nail Polish

Being known for their SUPER flashy shades, Lime Crime make some of my favourite lipsticks, and their nail polishes have captured my heart all the same!

Out of the 7 rad shades, I picked myself up these 3:

Lime Crime Nail Polish

Once In A Blue Mousse: a beautiful Robin’s Egg blue;

Peaches and Cream: the ultimate milky neon summer peach;

and Milky Ways: a creamy off-white, perfect for using alone or french-tip style.

Lime Crime Nail Polish

Excuse the not so pro swatches – my nails are in the WORST condition ever – that, and I kinda slopped it on hurriedly.

One coat is almost perfect, as these are all so opaque, but I like doing an extra one to make it really pop.

These dry so fast – MAJOR LOVE – and they beautifully self-level, filling in ridges and making haggard nails look smooth and buffed.

All this, and more – they wear incredibly well and are really resistant to chipping, and if you weren’t already aware, Lime Crime are a vegan AND cruelty free brand. MASSIVE thumbs up.


While all currently sold out (MEGA popular), these Lime Crime nail polishes will be back in stock ASAP at Rouche Boutique, so keep this post bookmarked in your “Things To Buy” folder.

Because you’ll want to keep stored my awesome discount code also – “MUSKSTICKMAO” – which will give you 10% off these babies!

So instead of paying $15 each, you can grab these for $13.50…and the code can be used on ANYTHING else across the site, so go nuts and treat yoself.

What are your favourite bright polishes for Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy painting, beautiful!


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