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Le Tan Liquid Sun Tanning Drops

Le Tan Liquid Sun Tanning Drops

A pretty common issue – faux tan disappearing from the face faster than the bod.

End up looking like a waffle cone with a big ol’ scoop of vanilla on top. Or what I’ve discovered on the internets to be the “Eagle”.



The easiest way to prevent this is obvious right? Just apply more fake tan!

Only problemo – those with delicate skin can send it aggro super fast doing this. Heavy thick mousses and lotions for the body can cause brutal breakouts on sensitive faces, can cause obvious patchiness and all round just look too unnatural.


le tan liquid sun tanning drops


Step in my favourite new way to get that glow – Le Tan Liquid Sun Tanning Drops.

On the market for well over a year now, these made-to-measure custom drops can be mixed in with your facial moisturizer of choice, leaving you in charge. Want to be barely sunkissed? Add 3-4 drops. Want to go turbo? Add 6-8 over a few days until you get to your level.

Being the different kid I am, I went with 5 drops each day for three in a row. Here are my results:


le tan liquid sun tanning drops

le tan liquid sun tanning drops

le tan liquid sun tanning drops


And this final makeup-ed shot (below) was taken right after Day 3 (above).

Here I simply wanted to show that foundation does play nicely over the resulting colour. Many fake tanners I have used on the face come through the base products, leaving a very ruddy-like complexion.

Being able to use my own regular moisturiser throughout the application days has clearly happified and hydrated my skin.


le tan liquid sun tanning drops


A few tips if you use:


  • Remember to wash dem hands! I have a habit of rubbing any remaining night face creams into my hands when I’m done, so it completely went over my head when trying this out that it’s not a good idea. If you’re into cheeto Trump hands continue on your way, otherwise, remember to scrub a dub dub.


  • Use a little less moisturiser than usual – seems like a no-brainer, but the drops added do make your lotion more fluid thus more easily spreadable. Like a good marg. Mmm Nuttelex on a fresh roll. It’s lunchtime clearly.


  • Take care around the hairline! I did notice some patchy apricot buildup around mine after a few days, which became more noticeable during fading. If you do go overboard with this and end up more bronzed than expected, halt usage and maybe reach for a gentle exfoliator (chemical or manual) to encourage the tinted skin to shed.


My final thoughts…Le Tan has made a great product here. I think it is edging on too high a price point considering the size, even if you do get a lot of uses (up to 50) from one bottle. Possibly best to pick it up during a sale – best bet being the 50% off Tanning Priceline sale when that’s around next!

In my pre-vegan/pre-cruelty free days, I had tried Clarins’ much pricier version of this, and they are very comparable IMHO, so save yo pennies and go with Le Tan.

The only big difference between them being the faux tan smell, it is more noticeable with Le Tan but not a deal breaker. It is still FAR less offensive to the nostrils than your full body tanning solution, and hey if it’s gonna rid you of any possible eagle woes – I say it’s a very safe buy.


Le Tan Liquid Sun Tanning Drops (12.5ml) retail for $19.99 and are available at letan.com.au or priceline.com.au.



  1. Elly
    September 10, 2018 / 10:20 pm

    I just bought this based off your post! Did you apply it in the morning or at night? ? wondering if it will rub off at night and leave me with blotches..

  2. Rosie
    October 1, 2020 / 8:35 am

    Thanks for the helpful review!

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