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4 Simple Looks with Lady Jayne Sports Luxe + Tangleze

lady jayne sports luxe

 Been gone WAY too long. A epic THREE weeks plus! Promise that won’t happen again – my goodness I missed you all. Hopefully this post will make up for my tardiness.

Today I am bringing you four ridiculously simple looks using the awesome Lady Jayne Tangleze detangling hairbrush and new Sports Luxe accessories!

First up, a perty do perfect for any occasion…


Firstly, I blow-dried my hair using this paddle brush, making sure to brush backwards as I go. I wasn’t game enough to use my beloved Tangleze with heat – she IS plastic and I didn’t want her to melt!

My hair has a natural flicky waviness, but use a round brush to add the flick to the ends if you like.

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

Now, use your Tangleze and comb back the herr on top. I am totally addicted to the perfect slickback that the Tangleze gives – the bristles just make it look seamless. Strange thing to say, but it just does a better job at sleek hair than my normal brush!

Now, for this look, grab the Lady Jayne Sports Luxe Lazer Flexi Band, slick it back a la normal hairband, but THEN – push it forward a few centimeters.

This will add the height at the front and gives it a little more somethin’.

If you want SUPER volume, you can tease/backcomb the hair at the back of your crown too, or sprinkle on some volumising powder.

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

 A great option for styling that three-day hair, and to keep it all outta your gorgeous fayce.

Next, we have…

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

 A super high, slicked-back pony using the awesome Hair Bracelets – your standard hair lucka but with gorgeous polished gold, navy or white detailing for extra pow!

Also doesn’t look as daggy on your wrist if you want to tote one around for emergencies…

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

 Grab your Tangleze, slick back that hair as high as she goes, just shy of “The Water Fountain” pony, and whip around one of these bad boys.

If you wanted to be extra sassy, you could grab your curling wand out and add a big wave to your pony, but I’m all about the lazy lately!

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

 See that little extra something…pretty rad!

Next we have a romantic hippy-esk look which looks like more effort from the front that it actually is.

In reality, it takes about ten seconds.

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

Pinned back perfection – all you need is two of the new Double Bar Pins (I prefer the gold but go your own way).

Simply blow dry your hair, again I use my beloved paddle brush from Woolies, make yourself a middle part, grab and use your Tangleze to brush the two front sections backwards and pin those suckers!

Seriously, it’s the laziest most awesome hairstyle in the history of ever.

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

Just maybe try to actually BRUSH the back – look at this scrubber pic.

Geez, being out the game for three weeks has ruined me!

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

 And finally, we have the slicked back, straightened and laid-back Lowrider.

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

Give yourself whichever part you prefer (I went with middly), straighten the bananas outta your locks, then smooth it all back with your Tangleze.

Keep it low at the nape of your neck and pop on one of the awesome Pony Snaps – a standard ponytail elastic but with a fancy faux leather snap-around attached!

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

This took my right back to childhood, that was our kinda entertainment – playing with slapbands for hours on end.

None of this Candy Crush/Burger Queen business like they got nowadays.

Says the 31 year old child who stayed up ’til 1am playing said BQ.

Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

And there we have it – four standard hairstyles revamped using the sick new Lady Jayne Sports Luxe accessories!

Personally, I also think the Tangleze is a must-have for all – such a cool, compact size that fits the palm perfectly.

Thanks to its protective click-on cover, I can toss mine in my bag and run, and the dual length bristles really get those tough knots out (in both mine AND little mans hair).

AND BONUS – it feels like a head massage all at the same time.


Lady Jayne Sports Luxe

Grab your Lady Jayne Tangleze and Sports Luxe accessories from all rad independent pharmacies, Priceline and Target!

Disclaimer: The Lady Jayne products mentioned were kindly gifted to me for review consideration – however I am under ZERO obligation to review.

All statements/claims and opinions re these products are 100% genuine, HONEST and my own. 

See Disclosure Statement for more info.


1 Comment

  1. October 14, 2014 / 8:10 am

    Ummm LOVE THIS POST. You look gorge in these pics 🙂 The double bar pins and the pony snaps are right up my alley, going to have to grab both promptly.

    Angie || the maquillage

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