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Happy Monday! I am…

Happy Monday! I am…

spending the day with my little one today, going on walks and adventures.

But I still wanted to pop on here and say hi and that there’ll be lots of blog goodness again this week, going to keep to regular daily posting – YAY!

SO much fun stuff coming up, lots of product reviews AND my July favourites video…man I be busy. I better soak up this day off then! I have seen this type of post before on other favourite blogs of mine, and thought I’d throw my version up today. I think it’s a cute little catch-up on a more personal level, and allows you to get to know me a little better!


Making : My own bread again. Nothing beats a fresh slice out of the oven! I own a Thermomix so there shouldn’t be any excuse to ever buy store-bought, but I got lazy for a while there. 

Cooking : Soups by the truckload, specifically the vegetable and barley types. To dunk aforementioned bread into. GOHHH amazing.

Drinking : (regular readers will be SICK of hearing this but…) Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey Creamy Tea Latte – oh my word it’s good. Multiple cups a day.

Reading: Entertain Us: The Rise and Fall of Alternative Rock in The Nineties by Craig Schuftan. Only just started a few nights ago so will let you know how it goes!

Wanting: Desperately to go on a family holiday. My partner and I have only been on ONE trip together ever, and now we are a gang of three, I’d love to show our little man some of the world.

Playing:  DayZan awesome open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game. So much fun but I actually haven’t played in a month, too much blog work going on!

Deciding: on whether to get a standard trampoline for our toddler or a SUPER BOUNCE FANCY one. That everyone, even us big kids, can enjoy. YUSS.

Wishing: Sephora could allow their loyalty program members to transfer their membership when they open in Australia later in the year. I have a pretty strong VIB Rouge level game going from my regular US sneaky shipped purchases, and it’s gonna be killer to start from scratch. BOO.

Enjoying: Regular exercise again. Man that is a lame one. But it’s made my head a lot clearer, helps with focusing on blog work and gives me more energy during the day to keep up with Jules. 

Waiting: on a fresh new baby! Not mine, but my sister-in-laws…cannot wait for baby cuddles sometime in the next month!

Wondering: if I should go for that Snow White Bomber Jacket from Black Milk’s Princesses and Villains collection that goes live tomorrow morning.

Loving: UNICO’s Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, Aussie-made and so so good. Review coming soon…

Considering: moving our little dude from cot to a toddler bed. He looks gigantic in his little cot now – but I’m scared of what’s to come if we do! Midnight sneaky snacking, watching us sleep like a creepo, and the like.

Watching: More like CRAM watching The Mindy Project and American Horror Story. Ah, Danny Castellano, I didn’t think much of you before but, DAMNNNNNNN.

Hoping: That I can keep up this blogging pace. Getting better at managing my time but DANG it’s not easy. 2am bedtimes are pretty regular – but it still doesn’t feel like work to me, I LOVE it.

Marvelling: At my little boy Julian – just had grommets surgery and has been a total trooper. Almost nil sookers over his ear drops, and he is changing everyday. Love his new-found “cuddle fever” – so much more affectionate than before!

Needing: A Zara biker jacket. It’s been long enough.

Smelling: Coconut everythang. Coconut Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop, and in one of my fave perfumes Diesel Zero Plus Feminine. 

Wearing: Cotton On cardis, black jeans and some form of stripey top. And my chunky Tony Bianco Thor boots. Everyday.

Noticing: That we are getting more sunny days now. Yet they are deceivingly cold if you’re not IN the direct sun. Classic winter SORCERY. 

Knowing: That I’m doing OK at being a stay-at-home mum. Well, the best I can. And that’s enough. These first two years just flew past and it felt like being in a washing machine at times – I was always feeling conflicted and was forever doubting my parenting skills. It’s hard to not compare and feel like you are doing a bad job, but I feel like I’ve found my groove now. 

Buying: too much Tupperware. 

Getting: serious cravings for a Tequila Sunrise, my summer cocktail of choice. These sunshiny Winter days are SERIOUSLY playing with my mindgrapes. 

Bookmarking: A ton of Thermomix recipes. When am I not.

Giggling: over the Game Of Thrones blooper reel released at Comic Con earlier this week.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll be back tomorrow to show you some new release goodies from Rimmel!


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  1. October 28, 2014 / 7:29 am

    i like this taking stock idea! it’s awesome! my little dude had his grommets 4 weeks ago and man he’s now a parrot. he talks to my dishwasher i am sure.
    i may do something similar, i hope you don’t mind 🙂 again if i haven’t mentioned it before, i love your blog!

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