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5 Kool Gift Ideas for Mothers Day That She Won’t Throw in the Trash

Mothers Day gift ideas

Some babes have a rough time of it, but for me, shopping for Mothers Day gifts has always been easy as pie. For real, Mums are SO easily impressed – legit just a hug, hell even a visit is all they really want.

But if you do show up to the door with your cute self PLUS one or more of the below, well kid, you just elevated on up to golden child status!

Burn Baby Burn.

gift ideas for mothers dayGlasshouse Fragrance candles are next level. Tahaa especially – if you like your house to smell like a giant caramel eclair. All of their products are vegan-friendly, so go bananas! Also, they have free shipping Australia-wide until May 14th, so you don’t even have to move off the couch to impress the Queen in your life.

Lucky as lucky can be – that the best mum in the world belongs to me.

gift ideas for mothers day

Add that ditty to your card if you like, I won’t tell her. And then go tack it to this yummy skincare duo from Kester Black – the Lucky Shower Gel and Body Fondant. She’ll be smelling velvety caramel and vanilla – just like her house if you pair it with Glasshouse’s Tahaa candle!

For the leading ladies who aren’t so sweet, Kester B also has the same pack in Pardon – think cedary, ambery, thyme and bergamot vibes. These body care packs usually retail for $60AUD but are chopped down to $40AUD, just for you thrifty kids out there.

For the Femme Fatale.

gift ideas for mothers day
photo credit: jasminedowling.com

Oh, how I adore her. Jasmine Dowling is the definition of dreamboat – delicate, daring and darn it, my hero. If the day comes when I happen across the fact that I actually come from old money, I will immediately run to her store and obtain every single piece for my greedy Southern self.

Honestly, her prints are just stunning – any mother would be over the moon to get a slice of Jas. Her newly released Femme collection seriously gives me tingles all over, and I cannot wait until I have enough pennies to buy the Wild & Free A2.


We all know who’s the real Masterchef.

gift ideas for mothers day
photo credit: smithanddaughters.com

Even if your Mummo isn’t a kick-ass vegan like the one typing this, she’ll still fall in love with this cookbook. Unless she is made of stone. Or isn’t a foodie and in that case, well your Mum’s just a real piece of shit.

JK. But you should her buy this book really. Because Smith and Daughters is vegan nirvana. The world-famous Fitzroy restaurant constantly overfloweth with fans, but if you aren’t lucky enough to live nearby to nom their legendary plates, you can make them at home armed with this veegz culinary bible!

Psst…if you ARE within chomping distance of this heavenly eatery, grab her a voucher instead, dine up then take your Mama out all night.

Then head to Smith and Deli (their sister store) in the morning for an Egg McMartinez to soothe her sore head. Guaranteed to win Child O’ The Decade with this plan.

A trinket for your treasure.

YCL Jewels’ minimalistic pieces of flair are ethically crafted and gorgeous as heck. This Mama Jama is desperate for the Ascended Necklace, as well as the stunningly simple Infinite Choker. While some pieces do take a few weeks to create, there are a lot of ready-made jewels that can be mailed immediately to your Madre.


Or hell, you just call the shots.

If any of these ideas just aren’t hitting the spot, you can totally keep perusing the interwebs like a lost pup. Or head on over to Nourished Life who have just added a whole STACK of different gift sets to their Sale section. TONS of incredible products there to suit all kinds of Queen Bees. The Beauty Chef’s Glow Gift Set below is just one of the pretty killer options…

Oh, and Nourished Life have Afterpay – my favourite way to shop and maintain the household budget! You simply pop in your order and pay it off over 4 equal fortnightly instalments.

You’re welcome.

gift ideas for mothers day


Happy hunting – and tell ya Mum I said hi.



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