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How to snack EVEN BETTER with new Funch Staples

Funch Staples

So, you may remember a not-too-ancient post of mine all about the Aussie DIY snack legends, Funch.

If you haven’t read it or just plain don’t intend to (slurry, jk), I’ll give you the cliff notes.

Funch’s specialty is pre-mix snack packs – but HEALTHY ones.

Think Protein Balls, Muesli Bars and Superfood Slices!

* pauses to wipe chocolate ice cream smudge off face with creamy soda stained sleeve*

Funch Staples

Now while I’m kidding on the above, and while it is fine to be super decadent treaty, you gotta chill the eff out on it. It can’t be daily. Not if you like life.

So think of Funch as your all-day nosh buddy. He is there daily to give you the right amount of energy, still with natural yumminess included. With wholesome and nutritious ingredients, natural sugars, fibre, fats of the good kind and no preservatives – they got your back come the mid arvo crash.

Funch Staples

You don’t feel terrible for smashing a couple of Funch Protein Balls, as it is all good energy and exactly what your body wants.

You don’t feel sluggish for it either, vs killing a Mars Bar or downing a can of fizzy and riding that AWESOME HIGH, only to hit the horrible lows come dinnertime.

And most importantly, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen with obscure ingredients you’ll use once, making some lacklustre creation destined for the bin.

Funch Staples

With the help of Funch’s new Staples – the cutest little widdle one-use addons – you can make a Funchy pre-mix in full, no other shopping required. ACE.

The pretty one you see pictured here (thanks to my pro photog-ness) is the scrum Almond, Chia and Coconut Superfood Slice.

Funch Staples

Now while I waddle in the vegan junk kiddie pool pretty frequently, I surf a lot of healthy hippy waves too. So I already was packin’ Brown Rice Syrup and Coconut Oil.

But as mentioned above, YOU may never be inclined to buy a giant jar of either – BUUUUT, you still want some Funch in your life.

Funch Staples

Too cool then that you can throw both Rice Malt Syrup and Coconut Oil, plus Medjooly Dates if needed, into your virtual cart at the same time as your pre-mix of choice!

Just the right amount for the appropriate recipe base, and even easily selectable on site as complete kits.

Funch Staples – literally basic, but très ingenious.

Funch Staples

Get your gob around these healthy snacks online here at Funch.com.au, and check out their insta @FunchFood for way sexier photos than seen here.


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