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SWIPE LEFT OR RIGHT? Face Halo Makeup Remover Wipes

face halo

Spoiler alert: it’s a swipe right.

Also yes grown-ups, I am fully aware of my lame Tinderiffic title. I’m a Mum remember, it’s kind of my duty to be as punny as humanly f*cking possible!

Ok, so back on June 1, the Face Halo Makeup Remover pads entered the world via a limited number pre-sale. This here cat was quick enough to bags one of their 3-packs, and they arrived quick smart. For the past two and a half months, I have thoroughly tested these bad boys – some may even consider me a bit of a Halo Hoe.

And now, imma give you my full thoughts on these new supposed “game-changers” in the makeup removal realm.  

face halo

First up, let us just ignore the “supposed” from the last sentence because I tell you these really ARE game-changing.

One of these and water is ALL you need to remove even the craziest hardcore eye look FAST, so if you are a frequent traveller/camper/netflixxer/human, you’ll go ape. These miracle double-sided discs are made from an ultra-fine micro fibre (100x finer than a human hair) which lifts makeup from the skin, trapping it inside said fibres and not smooshing back onto the face. SCIENCE!

The feel of a Face Halo against the skin is super soft and delicate, yet strangely it has enough of a textural scrubbiness that you know it is getting the job done. Like the world’s mildest exfoliation. And nope, it is definitely not at all like that pesky basic-beech micro fibre that tends to cling to and torture dry skin.

Until the moment they first kissed my face, I was much sceptical. I questioned buying for an hour, but interest peaked for this reusable wonder so I caved and PHEW I did. The whole idea fascinated me – it’s not that water-only makeup remover tools didn’t exist before, this one just made bigger waves than any of its past comrades.

And the money-saving win and saving of unnecessary waste is tops – the Face Halo discs can be machine washed 200 times over, and their lifetime is the equivalent of 500 disposable makeup wipes or cotton discs.

The Face Halo team are also currently working on a up-cycle program so that Face Halo’s at the end of their prime don’t need to become waste and will be used in another capacity.

Now my attack goes a little like this: using one side, I go at the foundation, lipstick and blush. Erasing these is an absolute breeze, all coming off completely in 15 seconds of gentle swiping. I then move to the brows and again, gone in 10 seconds.

Flip it around to the fresh clean side and then go ham on the eyes. This is the longest part of the still very short process. Bending it into a taco-shape, I gently swoosh the Face Halo back and forth across the lash lines, and up and down to grab at all that pesky mascara. 1-2 mins later max, and we are all squeaky clean.

I know it is difficult but try really hard to not be jealous of my rad red marble and wooden king of a bathroom, Sven. Yes, he has a name.

face halo

The one and only (minor) gripe I have with these bad boys? Without a presoak before washing, they can come out looking still a little stained. Doesn’t affect the performance at all, and hey, it could be put down to my laziness.

The Face Halo’s air-dry incredibly fast once out of the wash, so you’ll never be stuck without one (unless you are like me and “forget” to do the washing for centuries at a time). Maybe buy a backup pack just in case.

If you are an all-round lazy kid/gone rotten on too much Cuervo/bed is just calling you hard, this is such a cool and fast way to get your cleansing job done. In the final throes of your nightly binge-watch, just sloth on over to the bathroom, run your Face Halo under the tap, then crawl back to the couch and rub a dub dub in style. No mess, no fuss and you’ll be all fresh faced and ready to hit the hay.

The Face Halo 3-pack retails for $22USD and is available at facehalo.com.


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