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Eco Tan Invisible Tan

“Honoured to be Australian”.

Aww, aren’t you cute, Eco Tan – so am I!

Australia’s first certified organic luxe moisturizing tan – Eco Tans Invisible Tan – has no hidden nasties and is a beautiful option for those gals with sensitive or dry skin. Having been created with only organic & natural ingredients, it is supremely gentle and even suitable for use on the face.

The scent is beautiful – like roses on crack. I mean it.

By that, I don’t mean overpowering as though you were slapped in the face with a bouquet. To me, it’s a delicate and lovely mesh of roseflower/musk lolly. Flipping delicious. I remember being addicted to the scent when I first opened the lid and sniffed. Was on the verge of emailing Eco Tan and telling them to make a perfume range also. Still not a bad idea guys…*hint hint*…

Eco Tan Invisible Tan

I wasn’t totally disappointed, but this lovely scent does dissipate on your skin and the standard fake tan smell kicks in within 30 mins of applying. The tube states it’s best to apply before bedtime and sleep in it as it won’t stain your sheets. I will do this next time as I personally am not a huge fan of being fake tan smelly during the day – even just a little bit. It is not crazy strong but I still can’t bear.

Eco Tan Invisible Tan

The processing time of Eco Tan Invisible Tan is 8 hours, so you can’t shower until after this time. Again, a good reason to apply before bedtimes.

Around 1 hour after application is when I started to notice the faintest golden glow. It is such a luxurious and rich moisturizer that I didn’t quite feel it dry off until this time too. This stickiness could irk some, but for me, I didn’t mind – I had a few little dry areas on my legs and elbows that needed moisture and it totally quenched my poor thirsty skin. Kinda performing two duties at once, I knew this would help achieve a smoother overall colour result.

Eco Tan Invisible Tan

Eco Tan Invisible TanEnd result was this – honey-bronzed skin. Possibly not the most ideal tone for the super fair skinned beauties out there. In my opinion, this is a treat specifically catering to medium to dark skin tones. On myself being very fair, it threw a little too much orange for my liking. Also sadly, there were patches on my feet, knees and shins which I expected due to my currently dry-ass skin – it’s going nucking futs at the moment, even WITH daily light exfoliation and slathers of body butter. Must be the constantly changing weather.

By day 6, it begins to fade and the journey ends for me there. The tube does state that it can be applied 2-3 times a week – so this is how you’ll maintain that constant amber hue if you wish.

Eco Tan Invisible TanDefinitely thinking of giving Eco Tan’s Winter Skin a go – it’s a daily moisturizer that slowly builds up to a honey glow and is tailored more for the pale girls. Might suit me a little better!

Eco Tan Invisible Tan retails for $34.95 for the standard 150gm tube and can be purchased from ecotan.com.au, most leading pharmacies, health food stores and holistic beauty practitioners. A large list of stockists can be found on their website here.

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed this latest instalment and remember, any requests are wholeheartedly welcomed. If you have any products you want reviewed, any tips or tricks you want a heads up on – feel free to add a comment below or contact me via email, Instagram or Twitter!

Side note

Having said that this guy can be used on the face as well as body – super sensitive skinned beauties should probably avoid the face with any “primarily for use on the body” tans, even this one in my opinion. The formulations can be quite thick and harsh for use on such a delicate area and even tough skin can have an itch or breakout there. I personally can get away with doing it without any major problems, but I usually still get a pimple or two by doing so. And I otherwise never breakout.

So for those of you in this super sensitive category, or just anyone NOT wanting a risk of breakouts and needing a flawless face for a special occasion, I can’t recommend enough finding a separate facial tanner that works for you to match your fake-tanned body. You can of course, skip facial fake tanner altogether, using a shade darker in your foundation and applying some bronzer instead to match your body.



  1. October 31, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    I HATED this when I tried it! I’m a fair skinned lass and it was orange patchy and the smell lasted two days, thru several showers and other moisturisers. I even tried to douse my skin with peroxide to get it off! Side note didn’t work, neither did lemon juice, I ended up red are trying to unpoo yellow moiself!

  2. Sam
    February 2, 2014 / 12:02 pm

    Ok product. Smells just like any other fake tan which I found really disappointing. I have been searching high and low for a good natural fake tan that doesn’t smell. I definitely would not buy Eco tan again.

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