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A Beautiful Organic Winter Glow with Divine

A Beautiful Organic Winter Glow with Divine

Kinda in love.

Divine’s Naturally Bronze = my current gradual faux tan product of choice. Here’s three reasons why…

First and most importantly – the beautiful ingredients that are pure, organic and all natural. No nasties here seeping into the system! Now I’m not an all-green blogger, I use a LOT of different beauty products and eat vegan foods with questionable numbers fairly often. But I am becoming more and more mindful of this, and if there is a suitable and equivalent alternative that truly proves/IS just as good, I am most keen to turn over to that.

Just want to add here that you can thank Winter, for not only my pasty before but the very different lighting in these photos. The Before Day was beautifully cloud free and bright, the day following (After) was a colossal shitshow – clouds, heavy rain and frost galore. No touch-ups were performed here – what you see is what you get!

The second reason this is my new go-to is the ease of application – I don’t often find graduals that I can apply and feel comfortable getting dressed over even 30 mins later. Most stay tacky and not quite “settled in”, so I previously would just tan at night, shower before bed and roll that way. This one, not even ten mins later and I get dressed. Haven’t suffered from streaks or marks doing this yet, but I don’t exactly do a lot of manual labour or hard sprints straight after!

Third is, of course, the shade.

divine naturally bronze

The hue of Divine’s Naturally Bronze after Day One is so gorgeously golden and perfectly suited to my pale skin tone.

I would class this almost as a medium result, not a super light barely noticeable tan, more leaning towards a standard proper fauxsie. An absolutely perfect winter glow! If you want an even deeper tan, you can most definitely choose to go in with more 30 mins later, or top up a few days into wear.

divine naturally bronze

For me, the tan lasts around a week and fades so naturally – no patches here. Made with Certified Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera, Divine Naturally Bronze nourishes your skin as well, which is what we all need in wintertimes!

If you’re keen to get your winter glow on too, feel free to use the code: “WINTERGLOW” to receive a free full sized Exfoliating Scrub – the perfect little bud to complete your new winter bronzing routine.

Available at thedivinecompany.com.


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