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My Copper Conversion with Senior Alchemist Ely

Followers of the ABK Instagram will already know, but I made a BIG boo-boo recently.

In an anxious panic to do something (ANYTHING!) to soothe my extreme regrowth, this happened.

Not my finest hour.



While the pink actually looked kinda koo, the baby poop regrowth hiding beneath the beanie looked far from.

Faced with either beanies forever or going BACK for round two, I chose to face the box dye demon once more.

And well, I kinda succeeded.

Left with a muted reddish something, lets just say I was chuffed to not be walking around with the original wack melted neapolitan do’.


alchemy hair


As the weeks passed, the red washed away, leaving behind what we affectionately called #pooandwees.

A medley of old blonde foils fighting a faded murky brown. PLEASANT.


Then, by miraculous chance, Ely from Alchemy Hair and Makeup reached out to me on social media.

As a long-time Instastalker of Alchemy and all the rad vegan gals who work there, I kinda choked on my Vego bar when I read her PM.

We locked in a time and started conjuring up ideas. Funnily enough, both of us were keen to weave some red magic back into my locks, rather than jumping straight back to blonde.

As a natural strawberry blonde, I was eager to live the copper life a while longer.




The big day finally arrived. Instantly bonding with Ely – easy with a fellow veegzbabe – we sat perusing inspo pix and colour charts, locking in our game plan.


alchemy hair


Thankfully, Alchemy use vegan colours and products by O&M so there was no awkward “is it vegan tho” chats to be had. These gals don’t just personally live by a cruelty-free ethos, they work passionately by it too.

Deciding on three different copper shades in the Original & Mineral COR Colour Range, Ely weaved her magic. Blending them throughout my locks for a multi-dimensional and more natural effect, she left me totally at ease with my pending transformation. To be honest, we were chatting so much and having that much fun, I didn’t even notice time go by!


alchemy hair


Two soy lattes and a couple of vegan bikkies later, it was time for the big reveal. AND HOLY MOROLY.


alchemy hair


Although it is a few months until I am blessed by Alchemist hands again, I am busting to go back. Ely and the team were just dreamy – so friendly, down-to-earth and total mavens. Just browsing their social channels even before meeting them, you know straight up that these women possess a drive and devotion to their craft like no other.

Local babes, I don’t think you need pushing but you’d be insane not to book here for your next hairjob. BONUS JONAS: they are open late tons of nights (tres suitable for parents out there)!

Foreign and far-away babes? Follow their socials for all your hair inspo needs – I have popped them all below, ya lucky ducks.



Alchemy Hair & Makeup

My gal, senior hairdresser and in-house educator @ely_alchemy

Owner/bossbabe extraordinaire @becc_alchemy

Senior Stylist/Hairqueen @libby_alchemy

Apprentice Alchemists and cutie patooties @madison_alchemy, @l_alchemy, @s_alchemy

Photographer & Social Media maven @jacqui_alchemy


alchemy hair


A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Alchemy crew and Ely especially for breathing life back into my locks, and for sending my home with a few O&M goodies (review to come, kids).




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  1. September 10, 2018 / 10:00 am

    YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! How often do you need to redye? Absolutely awesome that colour like this is vegan.

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