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Brand Spotlight: Hanami Cosmetics

Brand Spotlight: Hanami Cosmetics

I DESPERATELY wanted to kick this off with a snazzy title like “Watch Out! It’s a Hanami Tsunami!”, or something equally as boss. But since this IS another Brand Spotlight, it had to stay simple. Plus, Hanami Cosmetics are already as rad as can possibly be – they really don’t require a witty intro to back them up. Let’s just jump right on in…

Hanami CosmeticsBased in Melbourne, Australia, Hanami Cosmetics create premium quality beauty goodies that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Hanami Cosmetics
CLAW PAINTS (left to right): Dear Prudence, Soft Delay, Purple Rain

Mineral-based and palm oil free, the range currently consists of cream blushes, lipsticks and balms, nail polishes and remover, and a natural mascara. Sweet and petite, they plan to churn out more gems in the very near future.

After years of switching to cruelty-free beauty, Hannah Jones founded Hanami Cosmetics in 2016 after feeling low and frustrated at the choices out there. She noticed that a lot of cruelty-free cosmetics were actually full of shitty chemicals that don’t belong anywhere, LEAST of all on your mug. Or that they were owned by evil parent companies who test on animals. Or that they contained palm oil. Or that were just plain old beige.

Feelin’ ya there Han – some cruelty-free lippie shades out there belong right back in the 80’s.

Hanami Cosmetics

Hanami Cosmetics allows you to still experience the beauty high life, whilst also being kind to your health, to animals, and to the environment at the same time.


Hanami Cosmetics
CREAM BLUSHES (top to bottom): Darling Clementine, Casablanca


On top of their kindness, cool vibes and amazing range, Hanami Cosmetics also proudly donate $1 from EVERY purchase on their site to Humane Research Australia (HRA), a non-profit organisation that challenges the use of animals in experiments and promotes the use of more humane and scientifically valid non-animal methods of research.


Hanami Cosmetics
SWATCHEROONIES (top to bottom): Great Expectations Lipstick, Naked Lunch Lipstick, Darling Clementine Cream Blush, Casablanca Cream Blush


Out of the whole current range, ’tis tough for me to pick a favourite.

The Spearmint Lip Balm is ultra nourishing – if you are a fan of Crazy Rumors Lipbalm, you’ll love Hanami’s.

The lipstick formulas have a satin (aka not a yeeky drying matte) finish, yet still have little grab to them. This helps with longevity, and they do last a good few hours before requiring a touch-up. Great Expectations is incredibly hard to capture on film – she can look super red but in reality is a bold neon coral pink. Naked Lunch is a peachy nude light brown, and a fantastic shade for everyday that won’t wash you out.

OH MOLY. Those Cream Blushes. Dual action goodness, you can use these on cheek AND lip – and I am a huge fan. Casablanca, a rose-pink with tanned brown undertones, is just perfy for everyday. Darling Clementine is an uber soft baby pink, so is best suited for fair-skinned babes. These creams were the first thing I lunged at, as I have long been on the hunt for a vegan replacement of an old favourite – Stila’s Convertible Colours. And guess what…I have found it here. A pretty damn close/beyond adequate dupe. Thrilled doesn’t even cut it.

Out of the three nail polish shades I was kindly gifted, it a two-way love tie between Dear Prudence (milky nude blush) and Soft Delay (nude beige). The formula is so glossy and gorgeous, AND they are also 7-free – free from dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, parabens and xylene. All nasties that don’t belong near your delicate talons!

Oh and dare I forget the incredible Water Based Nail Polish Remover Pads…40 of them in a bubby little container that you can easily take on the go. You know, in case of a chip emergency. Mmm chips. Seriously, I know it is just nail polish remover, but this works so fast, smells so vanillery and is oily in the best kind of way. My nails/cuticles/haggard dry skin feels incredibly nourished after use. ‘Tis likely the Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and LACK of acetate. MAJOR LOVE.

Make sure you’re following ABK on Instagram (abetterkind) – as over the coming days, I’ll be sporting all these products and you can see them in action!

WANT MORE? Stalk and shop Hannah’s handsome babe Hanami at hanami.com.au


Hanami Cosmetics

*These products were kindly gifted for consideration. As ABK is strictly cruelty-free and vegan only, we are incredibly selective on what we feature. Any products that appear on ABK are generally super stellar – you kinda gotta be to make it on here. They not only have to impress us but we’d like them to be ethical legends as well. 


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