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The best Australian Cruelty-Free and Vegan Online Stores

The best Australian Cruelty-Free and Vegan Online Stores

Shopping cruelty-free and vegan doesn’t have to be tricky, and it doesn’t have to be impossible due to location either! Today I’m bringing you my faves, 6 absolute gems whom I consider to be the BEST Australian cruelty-free and vegan online stores.

You can get all the treats, all the Gardein, all the Field Roast, and ALL the spoils that our metro-based counterparts enjoy too!

While iHerb has always been a fantastic option for snacks, healthy bits and make-up with cheap shipping and an HUGE range, it IS nice to support our Aussie babes. I will always love you for my Earth Balance Cheesy Puffs and Pacifica everything though, iHerby.

I do hope you enjoy this lil’ edit of my current fave Aussie cruelty-free and vegan online stores – and whether you use them for your weekly staples or just for on-the-fly treats, they are all amazing stores with helpful staff and super fast shipping (even to my home-base way down in South East Vic)!



Cannot live without these guys based in South Australia, placing an order from them almost every payday! Girls gotta have treats. Before my local IGA stocked Gardein, I would pop on here and grab my fix. They deliver Express Post with ice packs in a little foam esky, and I found they would still be very nice and chilly by the time they arrived the following morning.

Such a great one-stop vegan store, with not just refrigerated food but the latest and greatest snacks, toiletries, cosmetics, household goods, books and apparel.

Vegan Online, best australian cruelty-free


Another incredible all-rounder and almost a twin of Vegan Online, The Cruelty-Free Shop too aim to stock the latest and greatest in store. They also offer shipping of refrigerated items too (sadly, cold shipping not reaching my zone yet). For that cold stuff anyways I have my Vegan Online!

But just like them, The Cruelty-Free Shop DO also have the yummiest new vegan everything from Daiya dressings + cheeses to Field Roast (the US-made faux meat to rule all faux meats), to amazing Matt and Nat bags, to my fave vegan foodie subscription service ever.

Their monthly Vegan Mystery Box is always jam-packed with the greatest vegan treats and is SO worth every penny. You can watch a past unboxing vid I filmed here and see all the treats for June – but subscribe to the ABK YouTube channel here if you want to see all the future ones too!

Nourished Life. Natural skin care, organic beauty & healthy living storeThe Cruelty Free Shop, best australian cruelty-free


Whenever I have a make-up hankering (which is pretty much daily), Nourished Life is where I head to first. Founded by the amazing Irene Falcone (pictured below), Nourished Life will take any cosmetic needs you have and quench them, toxin-free style! Everything is as natural as can be, and largely vegan.

To view JUST their vegan items, simply click the “Filter By” dropdown when browsing, and go down to “Vegan Beauty”. Click him and it will filter away all the non-vegan stuff – leaving you dangerously smack bang in front of a plethora of desirables. Another way is by scrolling down the front page until you see the big green Vegan button and click, which will take you there too.

And psst, if you really can’t think of what to buy first from these guys first since there is a HECK of a lot of goodness there, I highly highly recommend the 100% Pure Anti-Aging Pomegranate Lipsticks. Especially the shade Calendula – my absolute fave current go-to everyday peachy nude!

Nourished Life, best australian cruelty-free


And at the same time as browsing Nourished Life, I almost always have a tabby open with these guys too. Just like Vegan Online and The Cruelty-Free Shop, Nourished Life and Flora & Fauna are like peas in a pod. Stocking just as much amazingness, Flora and Fauna are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so there’s no need to filter anything – it’s game on for everything!

They have a fantastic range of makeup from brands like Adorn, Inika and Lily Lolo, as well as a tonne of gorgeous haircare and skincare from one of my fave brands, Acure. All your body care, living and gift ideas are sorted too!


Orli (which is a gorgeous blend of “Organic Living”) was founded by the ultra-passionate Jo (pictured below), and is a relative newcomer on the scene but still are stunning as all get out. This charming website has a strong focus on ethical beauty and also, for giving back. 10% of their sales are passed onto a different foundation each month, which is such a kind and gracious gesture. Orli also believe every small decision makes an impact on the beauty of our planet – just like ABK!

A short while ago, I was kindly gifted a couple of rad items stocked at Orli – a nourishing face cleanser by Blossom (yet to try but stay tuned) and one of the most fascinating hybrid products I’d seen in a while, the Orli Eau Well Fragrance. More than just a natural no alcohol, no nasties scent, this bad boy has been helping nurse me back to health and is legit giving me my energy back (if you follow me on Snap or Insta, you’ll know I’ve been a sick bomb forever).

With peppermint floral water, magnesium and 9 organic essential oils. it also relieves headaches and nausea, sanitises hands and other surfaces, clears congested nasal passages AND boosts your immunity. WHOA MAMA. While it’s not my preference as a general daily fragrance, it is KILLER for every other claim. I’ll often spritz into my hands, rub together, cup them over my nose and I’m only a few deep breaths away from banishing the snotty grotties. Breathing through your nose again is like heaven when you haven’t been able to for a week!

Be sure to check out Orli for a gorgeous edit of skincare, makeup and healing oils and body care!

Orli, best australian cruelty-free


And lastly, we have the unreal Oranges Oranges. Their jam is ethical and vegan bags, apparel, shoes and accessories and DAMN, they do it so so well. Amongst their stock are great wallets by much-loved label Matt and Nat (new owner + fan of the Webber here), remarkable jewellery by Article22, stunning scarves by Krista Norris and so much more.

I may or may not have my eyes on a Vaute Couture “I Do Make Friends With Salad” tank as soon as they are back in stock, and I’ll be nabbing some new Kester Black polishes while I’m at it!

Seriously hard to keep from buying it all!

Oranges Oranges, best australian cruelty-free

Do go check out these incredible spots, I consider them all to currently be the BEST Australian cruelty-free and vegan online stores, and even if you live out in the sticks like moi, you can still access all these amazing goodies just like our city-dwelling, animal-loving counterparts!

If you do end up grabbing a treat or two from any of them, do let me know in the comments below. HAPPY SHOPPING!

best australian cruelty-free, best australian cruelty-free and vegan stores


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