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Base up the kind way with Esmi

Esmi Mineral Foundation

Do you love maximum coverage in your base but with minimal nasties? Then meet your new best foundy friend, Esmi Minerals!

Esmi Mineral Foundation came to be when the founders just couldn’t find a vegan Aussie-made, all-round gem of a mineral foundation. With a combined 30 years working in the beauty biz, they decided “eff this noiss, we can’t find it, so let’s make it!”, and that’s how Esmi was born. Maybe in a more professional way, but that’s the gist.

Packed with niacinamide, shea butter, aloe, hyaluronic acid, allantoin and even some nifty SPF 15 (cause there’s a ton of you cheekies out there that forgo sun protection completely – so they gotta find ways to sneak it in somewhere!)

Esmi Mineral Foundation

Here’s a few more deets on the ingredients found within this rad, high-coverage base fo’ yo’ face:

HYALURONIC ACID: A powerful moisture-binding, water-loving molecule that keeps skin plump, super hydrated and refreshed.

NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN B): Provides benefits for aging skin by assisting to improve skin elasticity and revive healthy tone and texture.

ALOE VERA: Soothing and rejuvenating and provides anti-aging benefits, moisture and assist people with acne or blemishes.

SHEA BUTTER: Contains vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, and provides moisturising, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

ALLANTOIN: A natural, soothing, moisturising, anti-irritant and skin protectant that increases smoothness and promotes cell replication and healing.

Esmi Mineral Foundation

I was lucky enough to be gifted with two of their shades, I-II and II-III as shown through all these perty photos. Both work on my skin fantastically, and can be mixed together for an even more custom match. These two shades suit my fair complexion – the first when bare and the other when faux-tanned.

Available in four shades, here are their descriptions for each below:

I-II (skin type 1-2): Pale white skin, blue/green eyes, blonde/red hair. Always burns, does not tan.

II-III (skin type 2-3) : Fair skin, blue eyes, burns easily, tans poorly.

III-IV (skin type 3-4) : Darker white skin to light brown skin. Tans after initial burn/tans easily.

IV-V (skin type 4-5) : Brown skin, rarely burns, tans dark easily.

Esmi Mineral Foundation
Bare-faced betty
Esmi Mineral Foundation
Shade I-II

The cash splash for the foundation is $60 AUD, which leans closer to high-end. It’s maybe just a scooch too high in my opinion – only because it is a few dollars shy of some really outstanding, high-performance vegan foundations. But in the name of supporting all things Aussie, go for it!

You can also purchase Esmi Mineral Foundation in a bundle pack with their crazy-good foundation brush for $100, AND – there is the option to buy a sample pack containing each of the 4 shades first for $5 AUD to have an initial play and see which one is for you.

Mad cheers to the Esmi crew for having this available, as there is nothing worse than laying down all your hard-earned cash for something that may not suit your skin type, or may not be the preferred finish for you. Especially at the higher than drugstore price point, and this shows that Esmi are totally behind their product. No-one will offer samples if they think you won’t come scrambling back for more!

Esmi Mineral Foundation

Now my full thoughts on this base – ace or waste of space?

Ok, too much rhyming.

My fave thing about Esmi Mineral Foundation would have to be the medium to full buildable coverage, it is easily blendable too without feeling overly heavy on. My skin still breathes but redness and blotches are covered. It has a mildly glowing satin type finish, and is super creamy so doesn’t quite completely dry down – you may require a powder down if you don’t want this transferring or sliding.

Now I’ll dish out my cons, since you know I’m the realest with you. It does cling a tad/sit a little strange on dry areas. This could be said of any foundation though, that is sitting atop AGGRO skin. My skin, especially on my neck and face went into total meltdown recently. Thick flakiness across my cheeks and forehead – WAS. SO. PLEASANT. Who knew something as innocent as a change in washing powder could cause such chaos?

So, as long as your skin is playing ball and is nicely exfoliated, you’ll be cool beans.

Esmi Mineral Foundation

Esmi Mineral Foundation

The only other con for me is the previously mentioned ultra creamy texture. This would be heaven for younger fresh-faced babes, and is actually quite beautiful, but it just LOVES to crawl into my heftier almost 34-year-old deeper eye crinkles. Doesn’t matter how little I use or how I apply, it manages to seek and destroy. To be fair, this can happen with most creamy foundations on maturing skin, so I don’t take it personally. The creamier the base, the more accentuation on a crinkling face.

My preferred foundation formula has always been the super fluidy and dewy kind, so it was a con waiting to happen and def isn’t a problem of Esmi’s – it’s just my personal pref. I still think this is a great foundation despite the cons, which can be squelched with a lil’ translucent powder. And not buying deathly washing powder that makes your body have a hissy fit.

Hit up Esmi’s shop for a sample pack to find your shade and to see if their kewl Aussie-made Mineral Foundation is your vegan dream base!

Available from esmi.com.au or find a local stockist near you.


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