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Looks like you’ve found ABK – your new favourite interhangout, where I love raving (and occasionally ranting) about life and how we can do it better.

Ok well, mainly jabbering about rad cruelty-free beauty stuff. Cerealsy though:

ABK is all about empowering YOU (soon-to-be planet superhero) to become better in all manner of ways, big AND small.

You are going to become a better friend/consumer/roamer of this fair planet, and together, we are going to make BIG changes.

This first post as A Better Kind really covers our aim and purpose well – so go over and have a readski.

Now let’s get the rest of the formalities out of the way so you can go have fun exploring!


For reals name: Hayley

Blogger pseudonym/superhero name: Previously known as Muskstick Mao, now A Better Kind

Living: In gorgeous Gippsland, in the state of Victoria, Australia

Working: You’re lookin’ at it – blogging! Also am a full-time distance uni student studying for my Bachelor of Design, while being a stay at home mama to my incredible little man, five-year-old Julian (also known as Hoolio/Hooligan). You can keep up with our antics together by clicking the Mama Life tab in Lifestyle!

Loving: EVERY DARN THING! Obvs my little man, my heart. My incredibly supportive number one fan/soul-mate Damien. My small but strong pack of hilarious pals who I consider flesh and blood. The warmth and home of family. And of course, you.

You, the loyal reader, the very reason why I created this space – you mean a heck of a lot to me.


Turning 30 in 2012, I was completely over the moon.

Truthfully, just 95% moon.

My son Jules was only a freshie at 3 months old, and while I was physically exhausted, my mind was bursting with energy.

It raced with visions of a dream, visions I hadn’t been able to shake for years. I wanted to become a writer or to just do something fucking creative. The fire inside had grown incredibly strong, and I finally knew it was time – I was to stop slaving away miserably in a passionless state. My brain could no longer handle the monotony of a beige desk job (even if the money was amazing).

I had reached a crossroads and just had a sudden and overwhelming craving that money couldn’t quench. I wanted to be my happiest self, for not just me, but for my family. I had wasted over a decade not living the career I always envisioned – and it was the birth of my son that gave me the final nudge.

Trying not to sound all fluff and pizz here – but parents kinda are your first idols, good or bad – your first measure of what being an adult is all about.

How is he to imagine his future dreams were even possible if his own mama couldn’t reach hers?

My worst fear was imagining this: my Jules at 18,  looking over me at 48 – a miserable and cynical shell who just gave up on their dreams and plodded along. Kicking off his adulthood with this bleak outlook on life, staring him right in the eyes.




And that is how Muskstick Mao was born. Baby number two. And now re-born as A Better Kind. So, baby number three I guess!

Which brings me to current day: I am still right here fueling ABK with as much content as I can muster to help you make kinder choices – still bursting with the desire to help others. And through all these adventures, unlocked a massive passion for graphic and web design. Funny how life goes!

If you’re new here, you probably wanna see the most tippy-top, most popular posts I’ve smashed together so far huh?

How lucky that they are RIGHT HERE

a better kind

After you’ve had a comfy little browse, feel free to send me a big hello or even a request or question through the comments sections!

You can also use the Contact Me form in the top menu, sign up to my weekly email post notification list or join me on social media – would totally make my day to see you there.

I hope you love my little interhome as much I do – now go get your better on.