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Since I’ve forever been a black winged liner beb, the one thing I DO love getting jiggy with instead, is lipsticks.

Top stays basic, bottom goes bold.


When it comes to formulations, these are my picks in order: lipstick (preferably not matte/cakey/heavy), tinted lip balm/lipstains, lipgloss.

A lipliner drawn around, filled in a little and pressed in to blend is also a fave move.


The whole liquid lip, ultra matte situation isn’t really my bag. To me, they are just ageing as all get out, some deep shades difficult to get just right, and they feel and look like hell after only a few mins.

If I ever want a lip to last, easy – I TAKE THE DANG THING WITH ME AND REAPPLY. Takes hardly any effort and looks far better re-done then a formula worn for 15 hrs straight, flaking right off into your drink and making your mouth look like a dry cats toosh.


Without furthers, here are some of my most worn lip products of the moment (aka all given the ABK seal of approval):

My absolute DREAM shade and easily, my most worn currently. Bold statement but in fact friends, if I had to pick only one lip to wear for the rest of my days, Villette would be the boi.

Always in my bag, and almost always on my lips, I just cannot get enough of this colour. It’s like a dash of berry, terracotta, pink and peach all rolled into one glorious shade.


Such a great Aussie cheapie at $10, I simply line and fill a little with Miss Behave and slightly blur it all with a finger. A tops shade that plays well with many lippies too!


Cannot imagine hitting pan on this before I die. Serious. The pigmentation is out of control – a tiny finger tap into this terracotta dream and you have enough to cover you and your whole family.

I kid you not, put your shoes on before applying cause you might have to service the neighbourhood too.

I almost love this more on the CHEEKS than the lips. Loathed its intense rose scent at first but now it barely registers. Lots of slip with this one too so it glides on like a dream!


Finally a vegan tinted balm with a decent punch of colour! Have only tried this shade from the range, but he is all I need.

A brightesk coral with a blotted/blurred finish, I find myself switching to this when I feel a dry chapped saga coming on.

Also a champ for minimal makeup days, as works ace on the cheeks at the same time for a pulled-together look.  Only flaw is the packaging – take care when recapping the lid or you’ll chip away your precious Juicer dome.


Everyone needs a great nudey neutral and Summer Sands sits more in the pinky nude camp if that’s your preference. Beautiful formulation too that stays put for hours!

This baby is my mix master too – tones down any deeper or more full-on lipsticks to create a more subdued and chill shade.


Wouldn’t it be ace to have a go-to mauve rose pink that’ll match most looks, something a bit more amped than “your lips but better”?

Nude Rose is your gal – cool-toned without being too drab or in your face. A nice jump into something a bit more than basic nude.

DB have the budget vegan cosmetics game down pat, and these lipsticks are pretty spectacular performance-wise at $14.95 each.

Affordable enough to grab a handful of shades that tickle your fancy!


RANDO HOT TIP: if you have never feel right wearing poppin lipstick shades, use your fingertip to gently smear the bullet and dab onto your lips lightly.

This creates a super subtle blotted version, a hint of colour that’s super-lightweight and barely there. My personal fave method that I do on the reg!


Want to see all these lips on? Make sure to follow the A Better Kind Instagram to see me apply these on IGTV later this week!


The products by Hanami and The Organic Skin Co above were both kindly gifted for consideration. As ABK is strictly cruelty-free and vegan only, we are incredibly selective on who and what we feature. Any products featured must be super stellar PLUS made by ethical legends. They not only have to impress us but you, our devoted reader also.

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