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The Designer Makeup Tools 14 Piece Artisan Vegan Brush Set


Feel like treating yo self to some new makeup brushes?
I discovered this Designer Makeup Tools 14 Piece Artisan Vegan Brush Kit from Rouche Boutique recently, and after using them and being tons impressed, I figured I’d give you a rundown on them.

Also apologies, I completely screwed some of the brush prices during the video. Correct prices are listed below – still crazy cheap.
SOZZLEY all the same, I’m a huge goof!

Items in order from start to finish:

397 Soft Faux Ostrich Brush Pouch | $14.80

400-01 Taklon Fine Liner Brush | $4.85

403T-08 Chisel Eye Definer/Flat Taklon Brush | $7.25

406S-06 Angled Brow/Liner Brush | $4.95

490 Mascara Brush/Spoolie | $3.50

480 Eyebrow/Lash Comb | $6.95

463VS-08 Eye Blending Fluff Brush | $5.60

400VS-12 Soft Large Bullet Blender/Crease Brush | $5.50

400VT-05 Soft Small Bullet Blender/Pencil Brush | $5.10

449-04 Small Concealer/Lip | $6.35

449R-06 Reversible Lip Brush | $8.45

414-24 Tapered Flat Foundation Brush | $11.45

412VS-30 Flat Top Bronzer/Foundation Brush | $11.95

439-08 Taklon Concealer Brush | $6.95

416VS-30 Oval Blush/Powder Brush | $12.70
(COMPLETELY LEFT THIS GUY OUT – but you do glimpse him at the end. It is very soft and great for powder blush application, but better for all-over powdering. Takes a little longer to blend out colour on the cheeks compared to other blush brushes I own.)

Full 14 Piece Artisan Vegan Brush Kit | $79 in full or 4 x $19.75 using Afterpay from Rouche Boutique

All of the brush links above will send you to the official Designer Makeup Tools site if you wish to purchase them individually.

If you feel like splurging on the whole kit, however, the link for the full kit above will send you through to Rouche Boutique.

There, you can throw “ABETTERKIND” in the discount code section at checkout for 10% OFF! And not just this kit, but off EVERYTHING on their site. Bit spesh huh.

To see the smaller 7 Piece Vegan Zip-Around Kit as mentioned in the vid, clicky here:

And finally, to find out more about Afterpay, head to:

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